There are so many reasons to go out and eat — and if you don't have a reason, treating yourself and your S/O just because you feel like it works too!

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Everyone loves sampling new menus and finding delicious foods, and Regina has an incredible food scene that's ready and waiting for you with yummy flavours. No matter what you're feeling and what your budget looks like, try these 31 Regina restaurants to be cheap, normal, or fancy AF.

Note: Cheap ranges from $5-15, normal ranges from $10-30, and fancy ranges from $30 and up.



Fancy AF 

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Restaurants that are Cheap:

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Restaurants that are Normal: Restaurants that are Fancy AF:

ZamZam Wraps // Multiple Locations

$8.50 for a Medium Grilled Wrap, $12.50 for a Middle Eastern Platter.

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Italian Star Deli // 1611 Victoria Ave

$7 for a medium panini with feta, $8 for a spicy cheese panini.

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Fuddruckers // 2540 Victoria Ave E

World's Greatest Original Hamburgers starting at $10.

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Skye Cafe & Bistro // 2903 Powerhouse Drive

$14 for a Skye Rice Bowl, $12 for the Powerhouse Salad.

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Pinoy Heat // 1769 Hamilton Street

$14 for Seafood Hot Pot, $9 for Vegetable Fried Rice.

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Cafe Drip // 1275 Broad Street

Menu changes daily with soup, sandwiches, and salads under $15.

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Coney Island Poutine // 4908 Dewdney Ave

$9.50 for Regular Poutine, $14 for Pulled Pork Poutine.

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Viet-Thai Restaurant // 2080 Albert Street

$14 for Thai Sweet and Sour Chicken, $13 for Ginger Pork.

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13th Ave Food & Coffee House // 3136 13th Avenue

$11 for a Mushroom Veggie Burger, $10 for Soup and Salad.

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PHOmilu // 639 Victoria Ave

$12.50 for small chicken Pho, Pho Seafood, or Spicy Beef Pho.

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Lancaster Taphouse // 4529 Gordon Road

$14-$24 for mains, including Capitol Steak Sandwich for $18.

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Beer Bros Gastropub & Deli // 1821 Scarth Street

$14-$25 for mains, including the All-day Breakfast Burger for $20.

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Victoria's Tavern // 1965 Hamilton Street

$14-$18 for mains, including burgers for $16.50.

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Crave Kitchen + Wine Bar // 1925 Victoria Ave

$30 for a sharing slab with your choice of 5 dishes.

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Peking House // 1850 Rose Street

$14.50 for Ginger Beef, $24 for the Seafood Hot Plate, $16 for a large Wonton Soup.

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Leopold's Tavern // Multiple Locations

$12-$24 for mains, including Cheeseburger Poutine or Buffalo Chicken Ranch Poutine for $15.50.

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Caraway Grill // 1625 Broad Street

$14-$17 for mains, including Butter Chicken for $16.

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Famoso Neapolitan Pizzeria // Multiple Locations

$15-$17 for a regular-sized pizza.

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Bushwakker Brewpub // 2206 Dewdney Ave

$15-$20 for mains, including burgers starting at $16.

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The Capitol Restaurant and Cocktail Bar // 1843 Hamilton Street

$14-$29 for mains, including Chipotle Chicken for $25.

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The Copper Kettle Restaurant // 1953 Scarth Street

$12-$21 for mains, including Calamari Dinner for $20.

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Chop Steakhouse & Bar // 2605 Gordon Road

$25-$40 mains, including Chicken & Ribs for $30.

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20Ten City Eatery // 2010 12th Ave

$22-$35 for mains, including Honey-Pistachio Glazed Chicken for $29.

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Fireside Bistro // 2305 Smith St.

$25-$40 for mains, including Sesame Crusted Halibut for $35.

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The Keg Steakhouse & Bar // Various Locations

$25-$45 for mains, including Lobster Summer on now.

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Memories Dining & Bar // 1717 Victoria Ave

$22-$70 for mains, including lobster tail dinner for $70.

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Flip Eatery & Drink // 1970 Hamilton Street

$18-$36 for mains, including Chef's Steak for $27.50.

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The Cottage Restaurant // 4409 Albert Street

$17-$63 for mains, including the Halibut Steak for $33.

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The Willow on Wascana // 3000 Wascana Drive

$18-$32 for mains, or the 6-course tasting meal for $75.

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Golf's Steak House // 1945 Victoria Ave

$29-$71 for mains, including Grilled Salmon for $30.

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Lakeshore Restaurant // 1350 23rd Ave

$31-$67 for mains, including Greek Chicken for $31.