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31 Surefire Signs You Went To The University Of Regina

A trip down memory lane.
31 Surefire Signs You Went To The University Of Regina

For a lot of us, the University of Regina brings back a lot of fond memories. Memories of eating Kraft Dinner for 3 months straight to afford our rent, getting intoxicated at The Owl and coming home with only one shoe, or simply busting our asses well into the early hours of the morning just to pass that final we started studying for 24hrs prior to writing it.

In the end, it seemed like a blur in time, a 4-year stint of pretending to know what we were actually doing or what we would become, but out of all the sleepless nights and relentless studying sessions, it was totally worth it all.

Well, most of it anyways. There are likely a few things that we'd all rather not experience ever again like the parking wars of the kin lot, sprinting across campus to make it to class, and spending an hour trying to find a decently quiet study spot.

In the true spirit of reminiscing, let's take things a little further down memory lane. Here are a few surefire signs you went to the U of R:

We're probably the only university on the planet that has spent a cool $1M on a sign

Hellooo, we have a bit of a parking crisis that desperately needs an upgrade.

You feel like you spent the majority of your 1st year being lost

Wait, was it CL 136 or CL 163?

You had to get a parking pass a semester in advance to avoid being on the never ending waitlist or not getting one at all

Ya snooze, ya lose.

You were frequently 15 minutes late for PSYC 101 or any class really, because you couldn't find parking

Realistically, 25 minutes late because you had to walk there too.

On super cold days, you'd circle the parking lot in front of the Kin building multiple times in hopes of snagging a spot

It's called spot stalking, we've all been there.

By your 4th year, you weren't even phased if you got a parking ticket daily by Parking Services

They're basically just collectible souvenirs now.

You spent all your lunch money on Henderson's cheese bun sandwiches

That shit changed my life.

You've literally had to sprint to your classes from the Ed building to the Classroom building

Education and involuntary cardio workouts, thanks, Uni.

You know that The Green refers to the gigantic patch of grass located directly in the middle of campus

Shoutout to captain obvious for naming that one.

The Green is also known as the ultimate shortcut to get to almost every building

Unless it's covered in 2 feet of snow, then it's more of a slow cut.

You know that the Engineering and Business faculties throw the best parties

Mostly because we always had free kegs.

If you studied business, you know that JDC West is like the holy grail of business clubs

It's one of those things you never understand until you get involved in it.

You made it your personal mission to find secret study spots that few people knew about

Hint: 5th-floor AdHum building

You know how creepy the university gets when you stay late to study after hours

It kinda feels like an educational jail of sorts.

You've had a sleepover in one of the study rooms on the 5th floor of the Ed building

It was the only way to make sure no one was going to steal it from you.

If you had lunch at The Owl, you'd find yourself going to class a bit tipsy afterward

You could never say no to lunch beers.

The Owl is home to a few too many drunken nights you can't remember

Your entire first year of university in a nutshell.

You have probably used the couches at The Owl as a place to nap or drunkenly pass out on

There was just something so comfy and inviting about them, especially after 10 vodka specials.

You attempted to reenact Misson Impossible to get into the North and South residence towers for parties

It was as if your social status depended on it.

 Walking through the language building made you feel like you were in a foreign country

It was like a giant sound cloud of English, French, and Mandarin happening all at once.

The Riddell Centre was the communal watering hole that everyone gathers around

How about that mediocre food court, though?

You know that the Ridell Centre is the best place to raid a bake sale

$5 brownies from the Sociology kids? Heck yes!

The university gym was home to a lot of sleeveless shirts, rank aromas of B.O in the air, and muscly dudes that would shred for hours

And by shred for hours, I mean to waste time and creep on girls.

If you ran the track at the gym, you always had to keep your head up for slowing moving seniors hanging out at the Paul Schwann Centre

Or that odd time someone was running the wrong way.

You know that the RIC building is like the Ritz Carlton of campus

You didn't even have class there, you just went for the ambiance.

You could always pick out the students living in residence because they wear flip flops in the winter

Living that "the school is also my home" life

You were constantly annoyed by slow walkers who traveled in packs

They really should make individual lanes for slow walkers and fast walkers.

If you were in fine arts, you know all about the secret rooms in the basement of the Ridell Centre

It's like the gateway to Narnia down there.

 You could always spot a kin student because they were always decked out in UofR sweatsuit gear

All day, errrday.

You know that the campus library is treated as a temple of silence

If you attempt to eat anything with a noisy wrapper, you will be shunned.

You'll eventually realize you can't go anywhere on campus without running into someone you know

But you're always in a hurry to get to class so it's usually an awkward, "Hi! Bye!"

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