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43 Bucket List Restaurants Every True Reginian Needs To Try

A teaser for your tastebuds.

After skimming through the depths of Instagram, I realized that Regina has a drool-worthy local food scene. Not that I haven't got my hands on the majority of it already, but holy cheeses have you seen the sandwiches at Victoria's Tavern? Or the "you'll have to unbutton your pants after this" poutine at Coney Island? Don't even get me started about the Duck Risotto at Flip Eatery...

If you're like me and have the tendency to think about the food you want to eat on the weekend when it's only Monday, here's a lengthy list of things to consider for that no shame Saturday kinda meal.


Flip Eatery // 1970 Hamilton Street

Type: Contemporary Dining

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Crave Kitchen & Bar // 1925 Victoria Avenue

Type: Fine Dining

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Victoria's Tavern // 1965 Hamilton Street

Type: Pub Food

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20 Ten Eatery // 2010 12th Avenue

Type: Fine Dining

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Malt City // 2201 11th Avenue #100

Type: Contemporary Dining

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Beer Brothers // 1821 Scarth Street

Type: Gastropub & Deli

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Caraway Grill // 1625 Broad Street

Type: Indian Cuisine

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Viet Thai // 2080 Albert Street

Type: Vietnamese Cuisine

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The Creek in Cathedral Bistro // 3414 13th Avenue

Type: Fine Dining

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The Mercury Cafe & Grill // 2936 13th Avenue

Type: Burgers & Fries

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Orange Izakaya Fusion Cafe & Bar // 2136 Robinson Street

Type: Korean & Japanese Cuisine

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13th Avenue Coffee House // 3136 13th Avenue

Type: Vegetarian/Vegan

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Leopold's Tavern // 2330 Albert Street (Multiple Locations)

Type: Pub Food

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The Cottage // 4409 Albert Street

Type: Casual Dining

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La Bodega // 2228 Albert Street

Type: Tapas

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Table 10 Restaurant & Cocktail Lounge // 2589 Quance Street

Type: Fine Dining

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Fireside Bistro // 2305 Smith Street

Type: Casual Dining

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The Willow on Wascana // 3000 Wascana Drive

Type: Fine Dining

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The Diplomat // 2032 Broad Street

Type: Steakhouse

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PHOmilu // 639 Victoria Avenue

Type: Vietnamese Cuisine

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Teppanyaki Japanese Steakhouse // 736 Victoria Avenue

Type: Japanese Cuisine

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The Copper Kettle // 1953 Scarth Street

Type: Casual Dining

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Golf's Steakhouse // 1945 Victoria Avenue

Type: Steakhouse

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Bushwakker Brewpub // 2206 Dewdney Avenue

Type: Pub Food

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Coney Island Poutine Cafe // 4908 Dewdney Avenue & 681 Albert Street

Type: Poutinerie

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Tumblers Pizza //  2104 Grant Road

Type: Pizza

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The Capitol // 1843 Hamilton Street

Type: Fine Dining

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Luna Kitchen & Bar // 3215 Quance Street

Type: Fine Dining

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Famoso Neopolitan Pizzeria // 1881 Scarth Street

Type: Pizza

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Nicky's Cafe // 1005 8th Avenue

Type: Diner

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The Italian Deli // 1611 Victoria Avenue

Type: Italian

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Fresh & Sweet // 2500 Victoria Avenue & 1914 Hamilton Street

Type: Cafe


Enso // 3243 Quance Street

Type: Japanese Cuisine

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The Nest Piano Bar & Good Eats // 4440 Albert Street

Type: Casual Dining

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Marokena Crepe Cafe // #3-5950 Rochdale Boulevard

Type: Cafe

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Skye Cafe & Bistro // 2903 Powerhouse Drive

Type: Cafe

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Lancaster's Taphouse // 4529 Gordon Road

Type: Pub Food

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Prairie Donair // 2518 Quance Street

Cuisine: Donair

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Juliana Pizza & Lounge // 5064 4th Avenue

Type: Pizza

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The Rooftop // 1845 Victoria Avenue

Type: Casual Dining

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Peking House // 1850 Rose Street

Type: Chinese Cuisine

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The Lobby Public House // 2545 Broad Street

Type: Pub Food

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Circa 27 at Hotel Sask // 2125 Victoria Avenue

Type: Fine Dining