We can all agree that the best kind of friendship therapy is when the whole squad gets together for a girls night out. There's absolutely nothing that can shake up the mood when our main girls are by our side, we're looking fly as hell, and the night ahead is about to be nothing but laughter, shenanigans, and memories we will forever remember.

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Friday is just around the corner and whether you're in the mood to get lit with your girls or keep things low key, there's plenty of options in Regina that you might not have considered before. So round up your girls via the squad group chat and starting planning the ultimate girls night out.

Here are 7 things to do in Regina for a fun night out with your BFFs:

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If you're in the mood to go dancing

Sometimes you just need a solid night out of dancing with your girlfriends where you can get let loose and have some fun. We're getting to the age where we've done the bar scene more times than we can count so it's time to take our dancing shoes elsewhere. Every Sunday night, the Artesian hosts a Latin Dance Night from 7pm-10pm and it's just what you need to kick up your heels and let your hair down with your BFFs.


If you're in the mood to wine & dine

There's nothing more enjoyable than indulging in some good food and fine wine after a long work week. Kick your food budget up a notch for one night and plan a dinner party with your friends at Hotel Sask. You might as well make it an excuse to get dressed to the nines just for fun too.

Other suggestions: Flip Eatery, The Capitol, Crave, 20Ten Eatery

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If you're in the mood to sing your heart out

When is Karaoke ever a bad idea? Probably, never. Rent a room out at Young's Karaoke and have the ultimate 90's singing battle with your besties. Warm up your vocals with a few glasses of wine at La Bodega first.

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If you're in the mood to get lit

Let's be honest, we all need one of those nights every so often where we completely give away all of our inhibitions to alcohol. There doesn't always have to be a reason for celebration, sometimes you just really want to get drunk AF with your friends and that's totally okay. Start your pre-game off with a brewery crawl and then hit up Lot Club to end off the night.

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If you're in the mood to learn something new

Get together with your girlfriends by planning an activity you've never done together before. Whether that's unleashing your creative side or learning how to chef up a new dish, it's a fun way to share a new experience together. Sign up for a Schoolhaus Cooking Class or go to a Paint Nite.

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If you're in the mood to get all glammed up

There's probably a dress hanging in your closet right now that you've been dying to take out on the town. Plan a night out with your girls (fancy dress code included) and check out the Regina Symphony Orchestra and then have a fancy cocktail or two at The Capitol.

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If you're in the mood to keep things low key

Saturday night doesn't always have to be a wild one. Hang out with your besties at the Boards N' Beans Cafe, sip on a latte, and play your favorite board games.