The dating scene in Regina is like a house-sized fish tank. There aren’t a lot of fish to choose from and the ones that are swimming about have probably dated at least one of your friends. If you’re single, there’s a good chance you’ve done the whole bar scene multiple times and you’re starting to lose hope.

I’m sorry in advance if reading this makes you feel even worse, but just keep swimming ladies. Your future ex-boyfriend could be lurking around the next bar waiting to sweep you off your feet. And maybe that Saskatchewan frat boy won't be like John Tucker at all. My dating advice to everyone would be to bait a new fish and see what happens but watch out for those dance floor stalkers waiting to pounce.

Consider this a dating guide for what to look out for when you and your girlfriends are out on the town, there's a good chance you're going to run into one of these types of Regina boys:

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Lot Club

Age: 19-35

Occupation: Business Professional

Hobbies: Going on sports trips to Toronto with the boys, working out at the local Goodlife Fitness and watching NFL Sunday.

Looking for: A girl they haven’t already dated or matched with on Tinder.

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Age: 19-45

Occupation: Part-time Artist, Part-time Musician, Part-time Server.

Hobbies: Juggling three jobs while trying to maintain a social life at O'Hanlons.

Looking for: A laid back girl who is okay with the low-budget lifestyle of Netflix & Chill.

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Age: 19-35

Occupation: Saskatchewan Frat Boy

Hobbies: Spending a month’s rent on bottle service, beer pong tournaments, and occasionally getting in some curls for the girls at Gold's Gym.

Looking for: Someone to cuddle with on hungover Sundays.

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Age: 19-50

Occupation: Dance Floor Stalker.

Hobbies: Dressing like a crewmember from Men in Black and watching people on the dance floor from a far.

Looking for: Not exactly sure, it’s all part of their mysterious demeanor.

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Eldorado’s or The Pump

Age: 19-35

Occupation: Wannabe Cowboy.

Hobbies: Listening to Country Music, Hunting, Fishing, and 4x4ing.

Looking for: A country-loving girl who will pitch in for next year’s Craven camper.

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The Hookah Lounge

Age: 19-35

Occupation: Promoter of Various Regina Events

Hobbies: Smoking hookah, vibing to the latest hip hop beats, and mad chillin’

Looking for: Someone who can put up with his “baller status” antics.

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The Owl Bar

Age: 19-25

Occupation: University Student.

Hobbies: Spending money on booze, skipping class to go to activities involving booze… basically anything with booze.

Looking for: Sloppy dance floor makeouts and late night Mcdonalds runs.