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79 Cats Were Just Found In One Of The Largest Hoarding Cases Regina Has Ever Seen

The cats were living in poor conditions when they were discovered.
79 Cats Were Just Found In One Of The Largest Hoarding Cases Regina Has Ever Seen

Regina Humane Society had a busy week after dealing with one of the largest animal hoarding cases that the city has ever seen. After seizing 79 cats from a single residence, the Humane Society is now caring for the pets and getting ready to put them up for adoption. Due to the large influx of cats that the shelter has seen this week, they are having an adoption sale for those who wish to take one of these furry friends home with them. 

According to the Regina Humane Society, officers discovered the abundance of cats after they responded to a call about a possible hoarding situation. 79 cats were located inside of the house and were voluntarily given to the Humane Society by the owner. 

The pets were said to have been found living in poor conditions amongst garbage and feces without proper access to food and water. However, the cats all seemed to be in 'decent health' considering the circumstances. 

All of the cats have been given proper food and water and are being looked at by professionals. Some of these cats and kittens are in such good condition that they are already available for adoption. 

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Since this is one of the largest hoarding cases that the city has ever seen, the Humane Society is asking residents to adopt some of these adorable creatures to help clear up some space in the shelter. 

In order to encourage residents to open their "hearts and home," the Humane Society is currently providing a sale on these furry friends who just want a caring home. 

Until August 31, any resident who wishes to adopt a cat will have the adoption fee waived for all adult cats, and the fee reduced to $50 for kittens under four months. 

However, despite the reduction, a $20 City of Regina license fee will apply to all adoptions. Yet, all of the cats are spayed/neutered, have their vaccinations, tattoo, microchip and a complimentary veterinary exam. 

So if you're looking a new furry companion, make sure to head on over to the Regina Humane Society, because they have tons of cats that are just waiting to meet you! 

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