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9 Cute Cafes To Hit Up With Your BFF In Regina

It's Saturday morning. You're laying in your bed contemplating between staying in bed for as long as possible or putting some pants on and conquering the day. You glance outside and it looks chilly so you pull the covers up over your head and cozy up to the thought of a no-pants kinda day and then your best friend texts you.

BFF: "Heyyy S! Wake up. Let's do something!"

You: "Haven't even left my bed yet ? Can it be something that doesn't involve me putting on pants?"

BFF: "Haha stop being such a lazy Susan, I'm coming over. Get your butt outta bed."

You: "Fiiine, but what are we gonna do?"

BFF: "I dunno, something chill.... maybe a coffee shop?"

You: "Coffee is the magic word. I'm in. Can we go somewhere cute? I haven't made a post on Insta in a while."

BFF: "Hahaha typical, anything for you Insta queen. See you soon xx"

You slowly unravel the covers and finally get up to put some pants on, but you get distracted and decide to do a quick search for cute coffee shops in Regina and lo and behold, this pops up!

Cafe Francais // 425 Victoria Avenue East

Henry's Cafe // 2320 14th Avenue

Naked Bean Espresso Bar // 2505 Broad Street

Orange Izakaya Fusion Cafe & Bar // 2136 Robinson Street

13th Avenue Coffee House // 3136 13th Avenue

Fix Coffee // 2055 Rose Street

Tangerine Food Bar // 2234 14th Avenue

Le Macaron Cafe // 2705 Quance Street East

Sprout Cafe // 2625 Victoria Avenue

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