9 Places To Get Poutine In Regina If You're Too Broke To Go To Montreal

Let's be real, the holidays are just an excuse for us to be able to eat an absurd amount of food and not feel guilty about it. Although, once you've inhaled three turkey dinners in a span of 48 hours, food-induced sadness is unavoidable. But hey, the new year hasn't hit just yet and I'm sure you're still nursing a hangover from Boxing Day so let's talk comfort food.

The ultimate kind of comfort food - poutine. I don't know what it is about the combination of cheese and gravy together but man that shit is life changing. Shoutout to Fernand Lachance for making our poutine dreams come true since 1957.

Speaking of making dreams come true, I've put together a list of the best poutine spots in Regina that will take your mouth right to the gates of cheesy heaven. Yeah, you're welcome.

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Coney Island // 4908 Dewdney Avenue & 681 Albert Street

Known for: Being the Weird Al Yankovich of poutine. Literally, anything goes and it surprisingly always tastes amazing.

What to try: Perogy poutine, butter chicken poutine, and the Elvis poutine (FYI: there's peanut butter in it).

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Leopold's Tavern // Multiple Locations

Known for: Weekly poutine concoctions that will have your taste buds screaming, "GET IN MAH BELLY."

What to try: Tough call. Leo's changes it up every week so keep your eyes peeled for what's next on the menu.

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The Lancaster Taphouse // 4529 Gordon Road

Known for: Poutine Du Jour aka a new poutine every single day.

What to try: A new poutine every day of the week. JK, that's excessive. Make a spontaneous adventure out of it and pick a random day to indulge in their daily poutine feature.

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The Canadian Brewhouse // 2005 Prince of Whales Drive & 4820 Gordon Road

Known for: Making dessert poutine a thing.

What to try: Well, that's pretty obvious. How can you say no to a caramel chocolate dessert poutine?

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Beer Bros Gastropub // 1821 Scarth Street

Known for: Beer-infused everything.

What To Try: Whatever beer-infused poutine goodness they have on the menu.

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La Bodega // 2228 Albert Street

Known for: Marrying seafood and poutine together in mouthwatering matrimony.

What to try: Lobster poutine.

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Victoria's Tavern // 1965 Hamilton Street

Known for: Making you fall in love with tater tots all over again.

What to try: The huevos tater tot mess.

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Fireside Bistro // 2305 Smith Street

Known for: Giving you a breakfast food coma.

What to try: The breakfast poutine, of course.

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Flip Eatery // 1970 Hamilton Street

Known for: Satisfying your comfort food cravings.

What to try: The regular poutine or the queso version, both are equally as delicious!

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