9 Regina Cafes That Are Perfect For Your Friend Who Hates Coffee

Tea lovers rejoice!
9 Regina Cafes That Are Perfect For Your Friend Who Hates Coffee

We all have that one friend who doesn't drink coffee (which is super weird, but whatevs – we still love them anyway). If you're looking to grab something to drink that doesn't involve cold brew or Americanos with your main, then Regina has something for you.

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There's more than just tea in Queen City, and many snacking and bevvy options that go beyond espresso. Check out these 9 Regina cafes for more than coffee, and find a new place to sip on your favourite drinks this summer. 

Cafe Francais // 1- 425 Victoria Ave East

Cafe Francais is such a cute location for lunch or breakfast, and they serve beverages beyond coffee, including High Tea events throughout the summer. Check out their schedule for their next event and plan a High Tea date with your BFF!

Boards N Beans // 1840 Rose Street 

This cafe is perfect for anyone who doesn't like coffee, because there's much to do here! A $5 cover charge lets you play as many board games as you like, and there's tea, cider, and interesting non-coffee choices like the Apple Fog or Hot Chocolate. 

Cafe Drip // 1275 Broad Street

Cafe Drip has delicious warm tea options, as well as beverages perfect for summer, like their in-house Saskatoon berry iced tea. There's also delicious food including soups, sandwiches, and baked goods.

Vintage Tea Room // 405 Broad Street 

This is the cutest British-inspired tea room, if you want to treat your BFF to her favourite tea! There's adorable teacups and teapots, and they serve up lunch and yummy baked goods. Don't worry, there's also coffee for coffee-lovers too!

The Artful Dodger Cafe & Music Emporium // 1651 11th Ave

The Artful Dodger has music, a library, and a delicious drink menu! They serve smoothies, many types of tea, Italian sodas, and if you're feeling it — they also have a Whiskey and Wine bar. 

13th Avenue Food & Coffee House // 3136 13th Avenue

13th Avenue is a fully-licensed coffee shop, and they have a selection of local and organic beer and wine. They also serve tea, organic spritzers, coconut water, and delicious options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, like veggie burgers and breakfast bowls.

Sweet Bakery and Coffee House // 2445 Broad Street

Sweet Bakery and Coffee House has Bubble Tea, Frapps in many flavours, blue raspberry lemonade and fruit smoothies. They also have delicious desserts, including the Chocolate Pecan Tart, and the Raspberry Cream Cheese Brownie.

Fix. Coffee // 2055 Rose Street

Don't be deceived by the name — there's definitely more than coffee at Fix! Choose from their list of tea flavours, including unique ones like Apple Green, and Lemon Ginger Cranberry. They also do tea lemonade and have delicious baked goods including pop-up donut shops from local Regina bakers.

Magpies Kitchen // 4059 Albert Street

Magpies Kitchen serves lunch and coffee, as well as tea and fresh baked goods including dainties and savory scones. It's also by a few Regina parks if you want to grab lunch to go and head over for a picnic!