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Overall, Regina is a pretty great place. Sure, we like to have our fun with it from time to time and laugh about the things that make us assholes or the things that would only happen in Regina but we do it out of a place of love. Although there are some sentimental things I could share about the city, I haven't had a chance to pick fun at the neighborhoods yet.

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As much as they all add a little something to what makes Regina complete, they all have their own stereotypes that have some truth to them. Below is a brutally honest but humorous take on nicknames of Regina neighborhoods.

Wascana View aka Lifestyles of The Rich And Wannabe Famous

Wascana View is one of Regina's most affluent neighborhoods and everyone knows it. The homes are dreamy, the cars are fancy, and it's where the Rich Kids of Instagram grow up.

The Neighborhood Emoji: ?

The Greens aka 50 Shades of Green

Things got really carried away with this one. Not only is it called The Greens but every single street has the word green in it. Green Apple Drive, Green Bush Way, Green Pea Lane, Green Lantern Road. I don't know about you guys, but I'm confused AF every time I drive in this neighborhood.

The Neighborhood Emoji: ?

Glencairn aka The Land of Cocktails & Dreams

By Cocktails & Dreams, I mean the divey sports bar that is basically the only reason we ever hang out in this neighborhood. Okay, and maybe the bowling alley too.

The Neighborhood Emoji: ? & ?

The Crescents aka Mansionville

Wascana View may have dreamy homes but The Crescents have dreamy mansions. This neighborhood is home to some of the most beautiful and historic homes in the city and they are also the main cause of distracted driving on South Albert.

The Neighborhood Emoji: ?

Whitmore Park aka The Party Zone

Whitmore Park is home to a lot of college students which probably makes it's the Regina neighborhood with the highest number of noise complaints. If you went to the U of R, there's a good chance you partied on Grant Road once or twice.

The Neighborhood Emoji: ?

The Cathedral District aka Hippie Town

The Cathedral District is a little neighborhood bursting with Art & Culture. The quaint Cathedral Village on 13th is where all the local artisans and hipsters hang out on the regular. If it had a tag line it would be good vibes only.

The Neighborhood Emoji: ✌?

The Uplands aka No Man's Land

I know there's definitely people that live in this neighborhood but what exactly goes on up there? It seems like it would be a neighborhood of choice for those who just want to get away from it all.

The Neighborhood Emoji: ?

Sherwood Park aka The Boonies

Sherwood Park is the real reason N.O.D is a thing. You might as well make it a full day trip if you're heading out that way because it literally takes you to the edge of the city where you can catch a glimpse of those prairie views.

The Neighborhood Emoji: ‍?

The Warehouse District aka The Real OG

The Warehouse District is the real OG of all the Regina neighborhoods. It's been kickin' around for over 100 years and today it's home to some of the city's most historical places that will make great photos for your Instagram feed.

The Neighborhood Emoji: ??

Harbour Landing aka Swampy Waters

There was a lot of talk about the development of Harbour Landing because it used to be a literal swamp. Not so much anymore after construction companies went H.A.M and covered the land in houses that all kinda look the same. All we can do now is hope that Harbour Landing holds its ground and doesn't become a giant sink hole.

The Neighborhood Emoji: ✈️️

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