Canadians Are At War With Norway Over A Moose Statue And Tensions Are Escalating

Mac the Moose is ready to reclaim it's title as the world's tallest moose.
Canadians Are At War With Norway Over A Moose Statue And Tensions Are Escalating
Ontario Editor

We've seen Canadians get pretty passionate about things in the past. We are all for Canadian pride and show it through Tim Hortons, hockey and... the world's tallest moose statue. That was until Norway created their own moose statue that has now dethroned Mac the Moose as being the tallest moose statue in the world. Now, Canada is at war with Norway over this statue because "there are some things you don't do to Canadians". 

Mac the Moose has been towering over the city of Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan for 31 years and the residents of the area have grown rather fond of him. Meanwhile, over in Oslo, Norway, a moose statue was created that was just 30 cm taller than Mac and dethroned Canada's world record moose. 

Residents have not been taking this issue lightly. Moose Jaw Mayor Fraser Tolmie released a statement of complete upset over the issue, "You don't tell Canadians that Hockey Night in Canada is a chat show. You don't tell Canadians that you can't put syrup on your pancakes... And you don't mess with Mac the Moose."

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Now, Canada is thinking of a way to make the Mac the Moose taller to regain their title. A GoFund me page has been created and multiple suggestions have been given by the public on ways to make Mac just a little bit taller. Some of these suggestions include adding a Mountie hat or a pair of skates. 

Moosehead Breweries, one of Canada's oldest independent brewery companies announced today that they would be stepping in on this issue and donating $25,000 to ensure that Mac the Moose is once again the tallest moose in the world. 

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V.P. of marketing for Moosehead Breweries, Trevor Granttold CBC that "We've never been one to back down from a fight and we do recognize that same resilence and, sort of, fighting spirit in Mac the Moose". 

Mayor Tolmie seems confident moving forward stating that they are definitely going to reclaim the crown back from Norway because "the moose is an image of quiet strength."

However, Norway isn't going to back down so easily. Norway spoke out about the issue stating that if Moose Jaw decides to reclaim the record, they won't go down so easily, "We will have to try and make our moose bigger," a representative of Norway's Dagbladet media company stated, "The designer of the moose said that maybe we can make a moose that's 20 meters tall. We'll look into it."

While Canada's Mac the Moose has a more natural look to it, Norway has decided to 'bling' out their moose. Yet, they still hold the title as world's tallest moose at the moment. 

It looks like Norway won't go down without a fight, but Canadians are ready to do whatever it takes to reclaim their record.

Source: CBC News

Allysha Howse
Ontario Editor