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“Family Feud Canada” Contestant Absolutely Nails It With Her “Beaver” Answer (VIDEO)

It was actually on the board and earned her five points!
“Family Feud Canada” Contestant Absolutely Nails It With Her “Beaver” Answer (VIDEO)

Part of the fun on any given episode of Family Feud is seeing what silly answers the contestants come up with when given a simple prompt. One woman from Saskatchewan made the audience laugh with her response to a question, which was shared in a Family Feud Canada video clip on Twitter. All she had to say was one word to get cheers and applause.

In the episode, which aired on February 4, a member of the McGeough family from Regina stepped up to the podium.

The question given by host Gerry Dee was, "If Canada Post issued a scratch and sniff stamp to commemorate our country, what would it smell like?"

The answer given by the player was as quintessentially Canadian as it gets. "Beaver." Even the opponent standing across from her had to stifle a laugh.

"Show me beaver," Gerry says in the clip before throwing to the board. Miraculously, it was the number four answer and earned her five points. That means that even before the question was asked to the contestants, people who were surveyed had the same idea.

"Okay, gonna stay away from that one for a little bit," Dee said while making his way to the other side of the stage, "Not going near it."

It wasn't as big of a slip-up as the woman who said that Popeye's favourite food was chicken.

Still, it wasn't enough to let the woman's family play first, as her competitor provided the number two response, "pine trees."

Others that made it onto the board were bacon, poutine, and at number one, maple syrup.

Family Feud is all about finding the right responses, even if you have to stretch your imagination. That can sometimes go too far, however, like this B.C. man's NSFW answer to "Name something you might Google repeatedly."

Even current Toronto Maple Leafs showed they had some Family Feud skills when they shared a teaser clip of the players facing off against retired NHLers.

They were able to get on the board by answering "What's the first thing a hockey player does in the morning?" with "Check their phone."

Thank you, Family Feud Canada, for always bringing the laughs.

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