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Lumsden Is Getting An Old School Drive-In Movie Theatre This Spring

It's been over a decade since Regina's Cinema 6 Drive-In theatre closed down leaving behind the nostalgic feels of old-timey movie experiences forever. Or at least we thought so anyways. It turns out that 2017 is all about bringing retro back. First, it was the re-opening of Fuddruckers and now the town of Lumsden has decided to bring back the drive-in theatre experience we've all been missing.

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Moonlight movies will be opening the drive-in theatre at the beginning of May in Lumsden's River Park. The drive-in will play old school movies like Grease and Dirty Dancing as well as new releases. The drive-in will also have a concession stand because what's going to a movie without greasy buttery popcorn to enjoy?


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