As college graduates, we enter the real world with the perceived notion that our dream job is just hanging out waiting for us to stumble upon it in a short period of time. Eventually, we begin to realize that it's not waiting for us at all so naturally, panic mode ensues and we find ourselves jumping on any job opportunity that will happily take us without the "3-5 years of experience" requirement.

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This is where our perceived notion becomes flawed. We let the fear of not having a job become the determining factor for taking opportunities that aren't the right fit and that's when we end up feeling stuck in a place that we ultimately don't give a shit about. It's during these moments that we begin to ask ourselves, what the hell am I doing with my life?

Before we really think about the answer to that question, we're back on the job hunt in hopes of finding yet another job that will make us happy. This is the reason why most of us are still out there searching for a job that we love. We are substituting the true value of what we have to offer for something that isn't even right for us in the first place because we are fearful.

We're fearful that if we don't have a steady job then we're falling behind. We're fearful that if we don't have the best job then our talents must be mediocre. We're fearful that if we forget about the importance of having a job then failure we'll eventually catch up to us.

None of that fear matters. What does truly matter, is our ability to better understand who we are in the workplace so that when we sit down for our next job interview we know what it is that we can bring to the table and we've put in the time to really think about whether or not it's an opportunity that will bring us happiness.

Once we stop making decisions based on fear, the job that we love will find it's way to us when we least expect it.