Regina Just Had The Largest Increase In Airbnb Rentals In The World & Hockey Is To Blame

Regina has seen a 328 percent increase in rentals.
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Regina Just Had The Largest Increase In Airbnb Rentals In The World & Hockey Is To Blame

With the Airbnb rental market booming, a variety of housing options have become available for travelers across the globe when they are booking their next trip. Whether it be the views or the popular landmarks, many locations around the globe have had an increase in Airbnb rentals. However, the city of Regina has the largest increase in Airbnb rentals across the globe, and it's mostly due to hockey. 

According to Global, Regina saw the largest increase in Airbnb bookings compared to every other city around the world. Regina has seen a 328 percent increase in bookings since last year. 

While this does not mean that Regina actually has the most bookings, it does mean that the Canadain city saw the biggest jump in rentals than anywhere else globally. 

The Airbnb boom in Regina has picked up so much that Regina hosts can now earn nearly $3,000 a month if they are renting a house to some friendly travelers. 

Of course, there is a reason why the city of Regina saw such a jump of Airbnb rentals, and the reason is so Canadian. Global states that the recent surge in renters this year is due to events that are happening in the Canadian city, including hockey games.

That's right, the 2019 Heritage Classic between the Winnipeg Jets and the Calgary Flames that is taking place on October 26, is helping to increase the amount of Airbnb's that are being rented out in the Canadian city. 

The Heritage Classic is bringing such a crowd to Regina that the Regina Hotel Association stated in April that the majority of their hotels were booked up as soon as Canadians got the news about the location of the game back in January.  

With hotels throughout the city being sold out, this makes hockey fans turn to other alternatives when it comes to finding sleeping arrangments for the night of the big game, including Airbnb. 

To cater to the large number of people going to see the game,  Canadian Classic Tours is also offering same-day flights from Calgary in attempts to help those who are struggling to find accommodations in Regina. 

However, hockey isn't the only reason why Regina has seen an increase in Airbnb rentals this year. Other events that are taking places such as concerts and the amazing tourist options that the city has to offer are also making tourists flock to the city. 

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Allysha Howse
Ontario Editor
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