Ladies and gents, prepare your vocals for the post-Christmas bash of the season. Trifecta YQR and Lot Club are throwing the ultimate karaoke battle, hip-hop edition. It's time to tear down the tinsel and deck the halls with bars of vocal badassery.

Think you got what it takes? It's time to put that Drake playlist on repeat and start running through the 306 with your woes. If you'd prefer to keep your solo rap battles at home that's cool too, just bring your dance moves and be ready to carry on the hype with DJ Ageless for the after party.

Here's the lowdown:

- Doors open at 10 pm, karaoke kicks off at 11 pm

- Cover charge: $5

- Grand prize for best performance

- All performers will receive a courtesy beer

- Applicable songs include tracks released in 2010 and after

- Lyrics must be memorized, no use of cell phones or scripts

- No freestyling

- No profanity

Sign up for karaoke by DMing DGS Samurai Champs on Instagram or at @DGSamuraiChamps on Twitter before 11 PM, Dec 22!