Although it might not feel like it today, love is certainly in the air. Well, according to Amazon it is anyways. The mega online retailer recently made an announcement that they've been stalking our romantic interests for the past year and it just so happens that Regina and Saskatoon both made the cut for most romantic cities in Canada - Saskatoon coming in at #5 and Regina at #14 to be exact.

While Amazon's predictions are based on online sales of romantic goods, they've forgotten about one important element when it comes to romance - matchmaking. If they dug a little deeper into their research, they just might find that we could use a little help in that department. Perhaps, the reason why we're big spenders in the romance department is because we're looking for it. Just sayin'.

Myself, along with all you other Amazon shoppers out there, knows that once you make a purchase with Amazon, they're real good at reminding you of ALL the things you want. So why not take things a step further and use our purchase history to find us the woman/man we might be looking for? I imagine it would go something like this:

"Hey Rachel, I noticed that you recently purchased Crazy Stupid Love. Did you know that Adam also purchased it on the same day? He lives 15 minutes away from you and he's single. Here's his Amazon matchmaking profile, we'll hook you up ;)"

Genius idea? I think so.