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Saskatchewan Just Named All Of Its Cannabis Retailers, Here's What They Are

With the federal government of Canada working out all the issues so it can legalize Marijuana this summer as promised the provinces have all been finding different ways to sell it. 

Saskatchewan is one of the last provinces to say exactly which stores will be allowed to sell cannabis. 

But today it announced a total of 51 different stores which will be able to sell marijuana later this year.  

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“This represents the next step in the process of having a privately-operated cannabis retail system carefully regulated by SLGA,” says Gene Makowsk, the minister responsible for the SLGA. 

Most of the stores that have been granted the ability to sell cannabis are from Saskatchewan, or already have some sort of business set up in the province.  

The rest will be moving into the province. 

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All of the stores that will be able to sell will have to be stand-alone business that only sell cannabis, cannabis accessories or other items approved by the SLGA. 

As part of the deal to get the cannabis licence, all of the stores must be up and operating within one year from when marijuana is legal.  

You can see a list all of the places which have been approved to sell pot below. 

Cannabis Backgrounder by Shawn Knox on Scribd

Source: Global News 

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