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Saskatchewan to Calgary: The Ultimate Trip To Take With Your Friends

When you feel like you've done it all.
Saskatchewan to Calgary: The Ultimate Trip To Take With Your Friends

Sometimes, it can feel like you've seen it all. Do you guys ever feel that way? 

Being stuck in the same old city can get pretty old real fast. I mean, there's really only so much you can do and when you've done it all, life starts to get a little dull. Seeing the same old faces and going about your life in the same routine can make a person want to go crazy.

Luckily, there's a place that's just a 7-hour drive away from Regina that can help you break that day-to-day routine. Yup, I'm talking about Calgary.

Calgary is known for having an epic downtown that's bursting with life. There's plenty to see and do in Calgary, trust me when I say that if you've never been here before, you're going to want to check it out.

And what's better than Calgary? Calgary with friends. So round up the troops because I'm about to share some pretty cool insights about Calgary and how you can make anepic trip to this beautiful city. 

Check in to your room at any one of Calgary's beautiful hotels

Depending on what time you arrive in Calgary, you're going to want to check in to your hotel. You've got a couple of busy days ahead of you with all the sight seeing and activities that I have planned for you so you need to drop off your bags and freshen up for the day ahead.

There are tons of great hotels you can stay at, conveniently located in downtown Calgary.You can stay at the gorgeous Hotel Arts, and chill poolside with a cocktail in hand. There are a ton of other hotels with great packages to fit your vibe like the Delta Hotel's Guys and Gals Weekend package which includes a complimentary flight of locally crafted beer and a free order of buffalo chicken wings.

Borrow a Lexus at Le Germain

Sometimes, it's ok to ball out a little. And now that you're conveniently staying at Le Germain, you can even rent a luxury car for a day as part of your hotel package. Cruising through downtown Calgary has never been better. 

Not to mention your Instagram pictures are going to be on freaking point.

Grab a delicious brunch at Monki Breakfast Club and Bistro

Who doesn't love brunch? Breakfast food might be my absolute favourite kind of food and I know you guys can relate. That's why you need to check out Monki Breakfast Club and Bistro during your stay in Calgary.

It's situated downtown and their cuisine is absolutely amazing. They've got five different types of benedicts and their banana & Frangelico, cream cheese-stuffed French toast topped with Nutella and condensed milk is out of this world. This dish alone is worth the drive to Calgary. I'm telling you... it is absolutely.to.die.for.

Did I mention it's affordable too? Their breakfast menu is all under $19.

Rent a kayak or raft and cruise down The Bow River

The Bow River is an absolute sight to see. It starts at the Rocky Mountains (hello Instagram pics) and runs right through the city of Calgary which means that if you're in town visiting, you're not going to want to miss this immersive experience with mother nature.

You can rent a kayak or a raft with your friends at The Paddle Station and embark on a journey down The Bow River. You might want to watch some YouTube videos first though... have you ever been on a kayak? It's hard work but totally rewarding.

Tame your appetite at National on 8th

Ok, so all that rafting probably made you work up an appetite? Well, one of my favourite restos downtown is National Beer Hall (aka National on 8th).

Why? Well for starters, their long communal tables make it the perfect spot for a big group. The food menu is big (and DELICIOUS), and they've got a wide selection of craft beer that will make you come back for more. 

Now if you're not a big beer fan, no worries because National has a robust wine & cocktail menu as well. Oh, and they've also got a HUGE oyster bar.

Looking to catch some rays? National on 8th Avenue also has Western Canada's LARGEST rooftop patio. And when I say big, I mean B-I-G. So you can soak up some vitamin D and play a round of ping pong too.

Stroll through 17th Avenue and shop till you drop

After a much-needed brunch with your friends, you're definitely going to want to visit 17th Avenue Retail & Entertainment District for some shopping.

With over 400 unique shops, this place has got it all. It is the number one lifestyle destination for Calgarians and tourists and it's close to downtown as well!

And once you're done all your shopping, take a quick walk to Scrollio for some rolled ice cream which is right on 17th avenue.

Grab some dinner and drinks at CHARCUT

Shopping is known to make people hungry. I mean seriously, it's basically a sport, right? So what do you do when you need to refuel? You visit one of Calgary's award-winning restaurants.

CHARCUT Roasthouse is my go-to spot for an urban-rustic cuisine. It's got everything from house-made sausages & rotisserie meat sandwiches, to a variety of small plates and salads. However, you can't go wrong with their rigatoni carbonara made with a farm fresh egg, grizzly gouda and black pepper. 

Best part? Dinner here won't break the bank. And it's also conveniently located at Le Germain hotel. #winning

Grab your friends and head to Commonwealth Bar & Stage for a night on the town

Just when you thought all the fun was over, Downtown Calgary has an epic night life just waiting for you to discover.

So after a delicious dinner at CHARCUT, make sure to head to Commonwealth Bar & Stage for some awesome music and socializing.

This warehouse-turned night-club is home to the best hip-hop music in the city. It's also the only destination in Calgary's downtown that features two distinct floors. That's twice the amount of room for you and your friends to have double the fun.

Calgary's nightlife scene has a whole lot more fun stuff up its sleeve for you guys, though. If the mood strikes, you can hop down to the HiFi Club, or Cowboys Dance Hall, for some additional party vibes. Plus, with tons of live music venues - like The Palomino and Broken City in the downtown core - it's easy to stop in for a live show as well!

So are you itching to see Calgary yet?

There's plenty to see and do in downtown Calgary, and tons of great weekend packages and deals at downtown Calgary hotels to make this awesome weekend getaway next level! So next time you feel like you've done it all in Regina, think about planning a trip within Canada with your best buds. Only a 7-hour drive from Regina, Calgary is worth the drive (or hour and a half flight, if you prefer).