This Canadian Man Is Making Money Off The Humboldt Broncos Tragedy And Victim’s Families Are Livid

A book was published about the Humboldt Broncos bus crash in Saskatchewan after victim's families asked for privacy.
This Canadian Man Is Making Money Off The Humboldt Broncos Tragedy And Victim’s Families Are Livid

We can all remember the tragedy too well. Earlier this year on April 6, 2018, a coach bus and a semi-trailer truck collided and changed the lives of the Humboldt Broncos forever. The incident left 16 people dead, 13 injured, and the rest of Canada reeling in shock and sadness. 

The event was traumatic but especially so to the family of those who were lost or injured in the accident. Now, those families are speaking up about a Canadian man who's trying to profit off of the collision and they're calling for a boycott. 

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Do not buy the book. It was in no way supported or endorsed by the 29 families! It is NOT Dr. Heath’s story to tell 🤬🤬

October 8, 2018

Ryan Straschnitzki is a surviving Bronco who was paralyzed from the chest down after the accident on April 6th and his mother, Michelle, has been very active on Twitter since. She spoke about the book by Dr Barry Heath titled The Humble Beginnings Of The Humboldt Broncos, specifically stating that it's not "Dr Heath's story to tell." 

Her tweet was followed by a Facebook status from Christina George-Haugan, the widow of the Broncos head coach, Darcy Haugan, who died in the accident. She called her current living situation a nightmare and stated that Heath's book was actually asked to be put on hold until the families of victims were ready to speak about the incident.

Toby Boulet, father of Logan Boulet, one of the deceased Bronco's followed George-Haugan post with his own. Boulet stated that Dr. Heath is "peddling this book" even though families grieving from this loss are not endorsing his publication. 

According to Global News, Dr. Barry Heath is a former coroner and veterinarian in Saskatchewan who wrote the book that released on September 5th of this year. While originally responding to Boulet's posting defending his book and how it represents first responders, Dr. Heath deleted his responses and instead spoke to local media. 

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According to 680 News, Dr. Heath believes that the self-published book being boycotted seemed to be a misunderstanding. While Heath's book obviously can make a profit, all of that money is being donated to charity to help with financing young hockey players. 

The author also mentioned that the families may feel the need to place anger on someone, so he understands being the target. Dr. Heath said, "I am sorry they feel that way and understand one’s anger needs to have a focus."

While it's nice to hear that this controversial book is going to help future hockey players, it's still questionable why it was written in the first place. 

The book is available online on Chapters and Indigo, as well as being available in select stores in Saskatchewan and costs $20. This is the fourth book that Dr. Heath has published. 

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