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This Map Will Take You On The Most Epic Saskatoon Summer Bar Crawl

Shots, shots, shots, shots, shots, shots everybodyyyyyyyy.
This Map Will Take You On The Most Epic Saskatoon Summer Bar Crawl

The best time for a bar crawl in Saskatoon is summer — no dealing with that bitter cold and your winter jacket. Stoon probs, right?? Take advantage of the fact that it's warm out and hit up all of Saskatoon's best bars in one place.

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This is the perfect occasion to get all of your mains together in one spot, and celebrate summer with an unforgettable night! There will be dancing, great cocktails, and of course, shots all around.

Check out this map of downtown Saskatoon through 2nd Ave and 21st Street, and experience the most epic walking bar crawl ever this summer.

via @nattashamae

1. Melody Bar // 255 3rd Ave S

Start out the night at Melody Bar with a swanky cocktail and some live jazz music. The vibe is relaxed, yet a little luxurious, which is perfect for starting the night out slow and enjoy some conversation before things get too cray.

via @crispy_witch

2. Crazy Cactus // 269 3rd Ave S

Squeeze in a quick patio hang and sip on drinks out of your favourite green cups. Get everyone in your squad to have a Gringo and your night will really be kicked into high gear.

via @flintsaloon

3. Flint Saloon // 259 2nd Ave S

Get things rolling with one of Flint's Mason Jars — there will be no turning back after that! The vibe is always buzzing here, and you'll probably run into someone you know, which isn't a bad thing. Invite them to join your bar crawl — the more the merrier!

via @osheasyxe

4. O'Shea's Irish Pub // 222 2nd Ave S

Back up to the patio it is! If by this point you need a quick bite to eat to keep you going, try some delicious pub food at O'Shea's. You'll also have gorgeous views of downtown Saskatoon too, as the sun begins to set over the city.

via @imjordanmcrae

5. Congress Beer House // 215 2nd Ave S

Stop for all your favourite beers and enjoy the atmosphere at Congress. It's alwayyyss bumping here! If beer isn't your thing, try their Caesar, which comes with beef jerky.

via @levi_schmevi

6. Winston's English Pub // 243 21st Street E

You really never know what you're going to find at Winston's, which is the beauty of it all. This is perfect timing for that point in the night when things really start to get interesting! If you feel like a little planning, book one of their basement rooms ahead of time to have your own private party.

via @andybbad

7. Divas Nightclub // 220 3rd Ave S

Kick it up and notch and get your dance on at Divas Nightclub. The music is always blaring, the dance floor is always bumping, and you are guaranteed to have a good time. Shots on the dance floor it is!

via @ashleydean16_

8. Hudsons Saskatoon // 401 21st Street E

End the night at one of Saskatoon's most popular dance floors, and dance the night away. If you're too tired at this point, you can also cap off the night by lounging on their heated patio, and enjoying one or two last drinks.

via @sweet_heartxo

Bonus stop! Smoke's Poutinerie // 307 21st Street E

Backtrack your steps a little bit up 21st Street, and grab some poutine as a last stop of the night. Everyone who's drunk and downtown usually ends up here, so it will be bumpin, but at least you know the poutine's amazing.

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