A McDonalds Bathroom In Canada Was Trashed With Bloody Used Needles And It's The Most Disgusting Thing Ever (VIDEO)

A video of a huge pile of used needles found in a McDonald's bathroom has been posted onto Facebook.
A McDonalds Bathroom In Canada Was Trashed With Bloody Used Needles And It's The Most Disgusting Thing Ever (VIDEO)

A McDonald's bathroom in Regina, Saskatchewan was completely trashed with reportedly bloody, used needles and the video documenting it is the most disgusting thing ever. A local resident posted a video of the needle encounter to social media this past weekend on Saturday and it quickly went viral. 

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Neesha Wolfe posted the horrifying video onto Facebook. She told Global News that she took the video around 10 PM on Saturday when she had gone to McDonald's to grab some food. The video shockingly depicts a huge pile of needles on the bathroom floor and counter – there are dozens on dozens of needles everywhere. Some even appear to be filled with blood. 

Check out the footage for yourself.

In the video, you can that the needles are all over the counter and on the bathroom floor. On the counter, one needle even looks like it still has blood in it. There are also used napkins all over the counter by the apparently blood-filled needle. The video also showed a close up of an empty sharps disposal bin. Based on the footage, it appears pretty obvious that someone had been using drugs in the bathroom. 

In the video, Wolfe can be heard saying,"Look how f***ing sick this is. Oh my god, I can’t even use the bathroom here. This is, ugh, so gross."

The video has gotten over 375,000 views since being posted on Facebook on Saturday, November 17th by Wolfe. There are over a 9,000 shares and hundreds of comments on the video. 

Wolfe was completely shocked over the incident. "I walked into the bathroom and I was in shock — I didn’t even wait for my order, I just left," Wolfe told Global News. "I had three kids in the car. Imagine if they needed to use the bathroom."

Thankfully, as soon as they were aware, McDonald's made sure to follow procedures to properly handle the incident, such as cleaning and sanitizing the washroom. "After being alerted about this troubling incident, the restaurant immediately followed procedures to clean and sanitize the washroom,” Kristen Hunter, the manager of corporate relations for McDonald’s Canada, told CTV News.

McDonald's Canada has launched an investigation into the incident and has also been talking with the police, according to CTV News