Spring has officially shown up to the seasonal party and it coasted right on in riding a heat wave that could easily be mistaken for summerYou'd swear May is trying to make June jealous by showing up hotter than usual but that is one temperamental dispute that I'm not willing to break up

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The main reason being that patio season got itself an early start and I can barely contain my excitement.

What's better than basking in the sun, drinking a few cold bevvies, and hanging out with

the best of friends

Well, there is one thing that would make that scenario better and it's the rooftop patio at 20Ten Eatery

It is Saskatchewan's first high up in the sky dining experience and it just so happens to be the ultimate patio experience of the summer. Aside from its gorgeous view that spans across the Regina skyline, the patio is a hot spot for indulging in delicious food and live music. 

So if you're in the mood to get real classy,

round up your girls or boys and reserve yourself a table. This patio is about to take your party to high altitude.  P.S. You can even get free

valet parking

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