Whether you're in Regina for a quick weekend trip or you've been here your entire life and want to try something new, this is your opportunity to take in the city in all of its glory and experience as many things as possible within 24 hours.

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You will be exhausted by the time Sunday rolls around, but you'll be having so much fun that you won't even care about the fact that you overspent on breakfast food and drank more than you planned. The weekend is meant for throwing your inhibitions out the window and regretting everything Sunday night, isn't it?

So here it is, the ultimate 24-hour weekend guide to Regina. Ready? Set. Gooooo!!!


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10 am - Fresh & Sweet 

Kick off the morning by indulging in the one thing we love most about weekends - eating all the food. Fresh & Sweet will take your taste buds right to flavor town with breakfast options that are both sweet and savory. My personal favorite: Smoked Salmon Bowl.

Other breakfast & brunch spots to try:

  • Breakfast Bistro
  • The Mercury Cafe & Grill
  • Fireside Bistro
  • Skye Cafe & Bistro

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12 pm - 33 1/3 Coffee

Located in an unexpected but trendy little neighborhood, 33 1/3 is a must visit spot for your afternoon caffeine pick-me-up. It shares a cozy space with T&A Vinyl and Fashion and Malty National Brewing. Grab your coffee, browse through some vintage goods, and pick up a growler of beer if you want to avoid spending money on drinks later on.

Other cafes to check out:

  • Fix Coffee
  • Drip Cafe
  • Brewed Awakening (Dewdney)
  • Atlantis Coffee

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2 pm - MacKenzie Art Gallery 

Now that you've got your caffeine buzz on, peruse through Regina's prestigious MacKenzie Art Gallery and entertain your eyeballs with some art. If you still have some time to kill after, check out some other must-see places listed below.

Other cool spots to explore:

  • Saskatchewan Legislative
  • Regina Floral Conservatory
  • Stone Hall Castle

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4 pm - Cade & Coda 

We haven't told you this yet, but you're going out later so we decided to give you a couple options for finding a stylish new outfit. Cade & Coda is a popular spot for men and women's clothing that is perfect for a Saturday night out on the town.

Other local boutiques to shop:

  • Fleek Boutique
  • Uforia Muse
  • Norwood
  • Havik

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5 pm - Malt City 

Now that you've got your party pants (or dress) on, it's time to head out for dinner. Malt City is a trendy new spot in downtown Regina with a menu featuring fresh and flavorful takes on popular dishes. Note: They also have 85 different whiskeys to on their bar menu if you want to get the party started early.

Other downtown restaurants to try:

  • Crave Kitchen & Bar
  • Flip Eater
  • 20 Ten Eatery
  • Beer Brothers

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7 pm - Cathedral Social Hall

You're probably in a food coma from Malt City, so we're gonna help you ease out of it with booze and more booze. Cathedral Social Hall is a trendy hangout spot for meeting new people and having a good time with friends.

Other places to have drinks at:

  • Leopold's Tavern
  • The Capitol
  • Earls
  • La Bodega

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9 pm - Golden Mile Bowling 

Quick survey: How tipsy are you on a scale of 1-10? Whether you're in a good booze mood or feeling like a 9/10 on the tipsy scale, this is a good time to have some low key fun. Golden Mile Bowling will bring the fun and party tunes to get you hyped up for your next destination.

Other places to have some fun:

  • Escape Manor
  • Young Karaoke Room

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11 pm - Lot Club 

It's party time. Hit up the Lot Club where the beats are good and the crowd is even better. Behave yourself or don't at all, we won't pull a Mother Hen on you. We'll catch you in the A.M., should we bring Tylenol just in case?

Other nightlife spots to hit up:

  • Ohanlon's Pub
  • Gabbos Nightclub
  • Elderado's
  • Dirty Nellys

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12 pm - Victoria's Tavern 

It's 12 pm so that means you should have gotten a decent sleep in. We hope that hangover has subsided. If not, sucks to be you. Just Kidding. Vic's is a great place for a greasy pub-style hangover brunch. They also have delicious caesars if you want to put some hair on the ol' dog.

Other hangover brunch spots:

  • Flip Eatery
  • Cathedral Social Hall
  • Fireside Bistro