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This Arizona Zoo Has Live Cams That Will Bring The Safari To You (VIDEO)

They're expecting a baby elephant soon!
Reid Park Zoo Live Cams Bring The Safari To You (VIDEO)

You can go on a safari without leaving your couch and you'll probably get better views from there. Reid Park Zoo live cams show some of the more popular animals up close, so you can check out the creatures from the comfort of your home. Your safari outfit can even be your pajamas. 

The Reid Park Zoo in Tucson is currently closed, but the animals are still active as ever. Six live cams are offering free front-row views of elephants, giraffes, grizzly bears, lemurs, and lions. Some of these cams offer better views than you'd see at the zoo. 

The elephant herd has a full seven-acre exhibit, so even though they have so much space, you can usually them from the cam. 

One of the elephants is expected to have another baby within a month, so you could even see an adorable baby elephant on the cameras

One of the giraffes at the zoo just turned 31 in February, even though the median age for giraffes is 19. Check her out on this live cam

There are two grizzly cams, both can be found here and here. Watching these huge bears frolic around their enclosure and swim in the water is adorable. 

The lemur cam shows the black and white ruffed lemurs. These agile creatures bounce around their enclosures and are very inquisitive. 

The lion cam usually shows one or more of the pride members sunbathing, though if you catch them during a training session, you'll see the lions working with keepers.

Gear up for your safari with some popcorn or animal crackers and settle in to watch the animals explore their habitats. Just because the zoo is closed doesn't mean we can't get our fix of the wild

Reid Park Zoo

Price: Free 

Why You Should Watch It: Go on a safari from your couch and stay tuned for a new baby elephant soon! 


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