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Only 5 Major Canadian Cities Have An Average Rent Under $1000 For A One-Bedroom

Saskatchewan, Alberta, Quebec and Newfoundland have major cities with really cheap rent.

It can sometimes seem like rent keeps getting higher and higher. While that's true for some big cities, it's not the case everywhere in the country. To find some truly super cheap rent costs you've just got to search a little. Rent in Canada is the cheapest in only five major cities. 

According to new data from Rentals.ca, only five major cities in Canada have average rent costs for a one-bedroom that are under $1000. 

Rentals.ca's October rent report looks at how much rent costs across Canada and ranks cities from most to least expensive. Toronto, three other Ontario cities and Vancouver top the list.

"The national rental rate in September just topped the previous high-water mark for the year of $1,953 in June," according to Rentals.ca. 

And while rent can seem astronomical in some parts of Canada, there are still major cities with cheap rent. 

Saskatoon, SK

The average rent for a one-bedroom in Saskatoon is $993. That cost is pretty close to the $1000 mark but it's still pretty cheap when compared to some of the more expensive cities. Month to month that cost has a +2.6 percent change so if costs keep going up, Saskatoon could soon not have average rent under $1000.

Lethbridge, AB

Coming in with the fourth cheapest rent is Lethbridge. In the city, the average cost of rent is only $917. That average amount has not changed month to month.

Good for you, Lethbridge. Keep on keeping it affordable.

It must be nice to live in Quebec. The province has two cities with rent under $1000 and the other two cities that make the Rentals.ca rankings have rent that is just above $1000.

Gatineau, QC

The average cost of rent in Gatineau is only $908.

Gatineau is only 30 kilometres away from Kanata, Ontario which has the second most expensive rent in the country. That proximity doesn't stop Gatineau from making it in as one of the major cities with the cheapest rent.

Quebec City, QC

Quebec City is the cheapest major city in Quebec when it comes to renting. There rent only costs an average of $905. The change from month to month of that price is +1.7 percent.

St. John's, NL

And finally, the major city with the cheapest rent is St. John's.

To rent a one-bedroom there would only cost you an average of $889. That is a far cry from the most expensive city, Toronto, where the average rent for a one-bedroom is $2304.

In September, the average Canadian property across the board was listed for $1945 a month which was a 2.1 percent increase from August.

But for October, the average cost of rent for a one-bedroom in Canada is $1409.

So even though some Canadian cities have rent that is outrageously expensive, it's not all bad across the country.

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