Gavin Newsom Just Announced California Schools Could Reopen As Early As July

There's been a "learning loss" for students.
Reopening California Schools Could Happen As Early As July

Can't wait until your kids can go back to school? There is hope. California Governor Gavin Newsom just announced his detailed plan on how he intends to reopen California school districts during a press conference today. 

On Monday, Newsom admitted the state was "a few weeks away, not months away” from making "meaningful changes" to the stay at home order.

Since schools have been closed, there has been a "learning loss" for students, said Newsom.

To make up for lost time, the 2020-2021 school year could start as early as July.

How could this affect you?

The stay at home order is still in effect. But schools could start letting students back on campuses as early as July.

There will likely be modifications such as reduced classroom sizes, social distancing orders, and more.

ABC7 News reports that businesses and childcare facilities may also be allowed to slowly reopen amid COVID-19.

The plan to slowly reopen the state was laid out in four stages by the Department of Health's director, Dr. Sonia Angell. 

It includes the following measures:

  • Stage 1 Safety and Preparedness: Continuing the stay at home order until statewide modifications can be made
  • Stage 2 Lower Risk Workplaces: Reopening lower risk places of work (e.g. schools, childcare facilities, nonessential manufacturing, retail businesses with curbside pick-up, offices where remote work is not possible)
  • Stage 3 Higher-Risk Workplaces: Reopening higher risk work places where social distancing is more difficult (e.g. hair and nail salons, gyms, movie theaters, sporting events without live audiences, in-person religious events)
  • Stage 4 Ending the Order: Ending the stay at home order (e.g. concer venues with large crowds, convention centers, sporting events with live audiences)

How will the state start to carry out these actions?

Moving from where we are now to stage 2 will require modifying the stay at home order, said Newsom. 

This means counties will be able to ease restrictions at their own pace or decide to keep businesses closed for a while longer.

The state's March 19 stay at home order is still in effect. Residents are required to stay at their houses except for essential needs such as grocery shopping, prescription runs, emergencies, and physical exercise. 

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