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'The Time Is Right' For Reopening Parts Of Canada According To Dr. Tam

She warns we still have to be cautious.
Reopening Canada's Economy: The "Time Is Right" Says Chief Public Health Officer

It seems like the time has come to start having serious talks about reopening Canada's economy. While solid plans still need to be made, there appears to be progress. Even the country's top doctor agrees that the time is right.

In a May 4 Twitter thread, Canada's Chief Public Health Officer Dr. Theresa Tam expressed her feelings that based on how the country has handled its approach to fighting COVID-19, it's a good time to think about how to start things back up again.

"Our collective efforts have slowed the growth of #COVID19 overall," she wrote. "In some places, the epidemic has been brought under good control & the time is right for a cautious reopening."

Tam expressed that people might be feeling a range of emotions, such as "excited anticipation" or "nervous apprehension." 

However, she said these feelings are completely normal considering the uncertainties that still lie ahead.

"#PublicHealth measures have helped us to tackle #COVID19 spread, buying time to protect & bolster our #healthcare capacity, ramp up #research and increase capacity for #TestandTrace," Dr. Tam tweeted.

She also acknowledged that adapting prevention and control tools as well as being guided by science will all play a critical role in moving forward.

"No matter where we are, living with #COVID19 is something we need to reconcile with," Tam wrote, acknowledging her past comments that we are heading toward a "new normal."

"This means #PhysicalDistancing (keeping 2 metres #TogetherApart from others), #handwashing, & #coughetiquette must continue. #KeepItUp."

She concluded her thread by saying that at any sign of symptoms, people need to be able to stay home, and that working while sick can no longer be accepted.

Prime Minister Trudeau has acknowledged that reopening plans have been discussed with the premiers and that each province will have to approach how they do things differently.