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Researchers Now Say Sleeping With Your Ex Isn't Actually A Bad Thing And Here's Why

You finally have a research backed excuse!
Researchers Now Say Sleeping With Your Ex Isn't Actually A Bad Thing And Here's Why

Thanks to romantic comedies and societal norms, if there's one thing everyone seems to agree on, it's that sleeping with your ex-partner is never a good idea. The suggestion has never really been backed by any evidence as to why but most people usually cite sleeping with your ex as the number one way you end up pro longing the time it takes the get over them. Though, researchers are now claiming the age old relationship advice isn't legit. 

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According to a new study led by Michigan's Wayne State University that enlisted the help of Western and UofT students, sleeping with your ex doesn't necessaily mean it will kick start your feelings for them again or stop you from moving on. 

The researchers conducted two different studies in which the first looked at 113 participants who had all recently been through a break up. From there the participants were asked to record their attempts to start back up a sexual relationship with their ex in a diary for a month. Then two months later they were instructed to do an online survey to see how emotionally attached they were to their ex. The second study then looked at another 372 participants. 

What the researchers found was that most people who attempted to reconnect with their ex sexually were successful. Also noting that participants who were still interested in their ex were more likely to pursue a sexual relationship out of desire to "foster closeness and connection' (shocker). 

What really shocked most people was that with all of this in mind, it was determined that these sexual relationships still "did not appear to hinder the participants ability to move on or leave them feeling distressed or depressed. In fact, it left them feeling more positive in everyday life." 

Clearly the researchers are provingvery different story than what most people have been taught their entire life, that being to avoid your ex at all costs if you want a chance of getting over them. With that in mind though the researchers aren't necessarily advocating for you to jump back in bed with your last toxic relationship. It's moreso just food for thought or a research based excuse to go against all of your friends' advice and your own better judgement. 

So maybe this year's cuffing season will have a few single men or women bringing around a familiar face instead of scouting for someone new. Science and research aside though, you might want to make sure you are emotionally prepared to get into a more relaxed relationship with someone you were serious with before but if you are prepared for it, you can rest assured that you've got this research team's approval! 

Source:Huffington Post 

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