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Retro And Vintage Hotel In North Carolina Is The Perfect Getaway Spot

When you go on a vaycay, finding the perfect place to stay is very important because you want to be comfortable. Staying in a regular, chain hotel is a thing of the past and many people have been finding amazing Airbnb's and unique hotels to stay in. This retro and vintage hotel in North Carolina is one of those spots and you won't want to leave.

Mother Earth Motor Lodge is a unique spot located in Kingston, North Carolina and it's one of the coolest places on the Eastern side of the state. It's about as retro as you can get. If you are looking to take a step back in time for the weekend, this is your spot. 

There's so much to do at this lodge that you really won't even have to leave. There are only 45 rooms so you don't need to worry about having to deal with hundreds of people coming in and out every hour of the day. 

Coming down the road, you'll be greeted with neon lights, the motor lodge sign and an overall vintage look. If that doesn't instantly draw you in, well, we aren't sure what will. 

The owner of the motor lodge, Stephen Hill, also owns the famous Mother Earth Brewing Company with his son-in-law in Kingston as well. You can grab a drink and then head back to your hotel and keep the same vibe all night long.

Within the 45 rooms that are on-site, each has original artwork hangings and colorful decor all over the room. Some rooms allow pets, so bring your furry pal along because they need to experience this place, too. 

The courtyard in the middle of the lodge is the place to be when you visit. There's a three-ring pool, shuffleboard, ping-pong tables and even a mini-golf course. You'll also find a few grills and picnic tables for a fun "at-home" dinner. In the lobby, you can find a few swinging chairs that will relax you in an instant, and make pretty cute Instagram pictures. 

Prices run around $109 for two people per night, which is a fair price for such a unique and retro place to stay. 

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Mother Earth Motor Lodge 

Price Per Night: $109+

Address: 501 N Herritage St., Kinston, NC 28501

Why You Need To Go: This unique lodge is not your average hotel and it has many amenities that everyone will enjoy.