Netflix Canada Is Releasing Their Own Version Of "The Voice" & People Don't Want It

The first episode of "Rhythm + Flow" is coming to Netflix on October 9.
Netflix Canada Is Releasing Their Own Version Of "The Voice" & People Don't Want It

Since the late and great Canadian Idol was in its hey-day, plenty of singing shows have come and gone. Some of the most popular ones in 2019 include The VoiceThe X-Factor, and American Idol, all of which have undergone a lot of changes in both format and judges since they initially hit airwaves in earlier years. Netflix is usually pretty quick to hop on the competitive bandwagon, but it's taken them a while to create a rival for your favourite singing shows. Rhythm + Flow on Netflix Canada is like a hip hop version of The Voice.

As much as I love watching the current singing shows that exist, one thing I've noticed about them is that they don't often feature a good selection of hip-hop and rap artists. These shows are known for helping amazing country and pop artists on their quest for fame, but very rarely do we see a rapper take the stage and turn chairs on The Voice.

Luckily for us hip hop fans, Netflix has heard our cries, and they've devised a show that focuses specifically on finding new rap artists called Rhythm + Flow. The show features judges Cardi B, Chance the Rapper, and T.I. as they search for the world's next big hip-hop sensation.

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The trailer for the upcoming show was released by Netflix today, but according to the comment section on YouTube, people aren't as hyped about the new series as the streaming service hoped that they would be.

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It appears that the problem doesn't seem to be with the show itself, but more so with the judges that were picked. Cardi B has been known to cause a lot of controversies, and some people think that Chance and T.I. are on the last legs of their rap careers, so they shouldn't be judging other people's performances.

Whether you love or hate the judges, I think it's still worth checking out the series to see what kinds of undiscovered rap talent exists out there.

The first episode of Rhythm + Flow will hit Netflix on October 9, with a new episode following every Wednesday. Weekly releases are a new format being tried out by the streaming service in its tight competition with Disney+. You can watch the trailer for the upcoming singing series below.