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25 Secret Places In Richmond To Bring Your Girlfriend This Fall

Surprise her this weekend!
25 Secret Places In Richmond To Bring Your Girlfriend This Fall

Fall has unfairly been labeled as a "basic season" because of Pumpkin Spice Lattes and Uggs, but there's really no harm in loving it. Especially if your girlfriend is a fan of any of those things. Just give into it and support her in her passions!

Fall is also a time people associate with fresh starts, so why not apply some of that thinking to your relationship? It's time to amp up the dates and get out of the tired routine of going to the same restaurants and bars. And while we all love Netflix and getting takeout, there are other options out there too.

So browse this list for activities, restaurants, and events you can take your girlfriend to for a romantic date. There's something for any mood you're in while embracing all things fall. Not every date has to be extravagant, but it's always the thought that counts. Surprise her, get some brownie points and experience Richmond in a new way!


Where: 1700 Hampton St

Not enough people talk about how beautiful Maymont is! The park has something for everyone. Nature lovers can fawn over the flowers, animal lovers can head to the farm and wildlife exhibits, and a history buff can go crazy over the Victorian mansion.


Sky Zone

Where: 1345 Carmia Way

Go ahead and jump! Sky Zone is where you want to be when you're trying to escape the rainy days that come with fall. Here you can let loose, have fun, and forget that you're an adult. Go wild on the trampolines or run straight into the foam pit. If you two really want to get crazy, you can stay from 8-11 p.m. and there will be lasers, blacklights, and music. The whole place turns into a trampoline dance club!


Belle Isle

Where: 300 Tredegar St

This place has the coolest access point. Walk or bike across the suspended walkway above the James River and you're on an island! Hold hands and walk on the smooth rocks or go frolick through the open fields. It's a place that's so close to home but makes you feel like you're out of the city.

Putt-Putt Fun Center

Where: 7901 Midlothian Turnpike

Friendly competition keeps the relationship exciting. Take her to play mini golf for a more low-key date when you both aren't up for something too high energy. Unless, of course, you both take it very seriously and are desperately trying to beat each other. Up the ante and loser has to buy the winner a beer!


The Lab by Alchemy Coffee

Where: 814 W Broad St

A coffee shop isn't a place solely for first dates! Take your GF here if she wants to feel cozy. You two can bring along your books and just read while you listen to the sound of the coffee machine and the rain falling outside. The coffee is supposed to be heavenly and it's also Instagrammable. Win-win!


Where: 600 E Laburnum Ave

When you can't bring her to Germany, bring Germany to her. It's not required for you to dress up, but it would be pretty cute if you two showed up in costumes. The event has the foundations of what makes anything a great night —  food, beer, and entertainment. 


Sugar Shack

Where: 1001 N Lombardy St

Arrange to meet here after work and then tell her to pick out a dozen donuts. Choosing the flavors is always the hard part, but let her do it and then say she can eat all of them if she wants. But see if you can sneak in a bite! 

Carter Mountain Orchard

Where: 1435 Carters Mountain Trail, Charlottesville

What time is it? Apple picking time. Fall only begins when you've gone apple picking. It's just a fact! So even though this farm is just over an hour drive from Richmond, you gotta take your SO there. She's going to need someone to either hold the bag while she picks the apples or she's going to need a hand reaching the apples that are higher up.

Libby Hill Park

Where: 2801 E Franklin St

Sunsets were meant to be seen from here. There are park benches, but go for a real rom-com feel by bringing a blanket to sit on and another to put over you two. Cuddle for warmth and have a picnic before settling in to watch the sun go down. Ryan Gosling in The Notebook, who? You got this, buddy.

Gallmeyer Farms

Where: 4506 Millers Ln

After apples comes the pumpkins. Once you've finished eating all those apples you picked, head on over to the pumpkin patch for some fall fun. Remember to fight over which pumpkin is the best one and then race home to see who can carve the best design on theirs!

Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden

Where: 1800 Lakeside Ave

It's up to you and her to make it feel like The Secret GardenYou could earn extra brownie points if you know what her favorite flowers or plants are and could walk her directly to them. Or let her choose where she wants to tour. But make sure you are there to take photos of her without her even asking. That's another set of brownie points for you!


Science Museum of Virginia

Where: 2500 W Broad St

This place never feels like a stuffy or pretentious museum. It's where you go for some indoor and interactive fun! There are three floors that allow you to engage with the exhibits. And the best part? Some things just can't be contained inside a building so there are things to touch and climb onto outside!


The Pipeline Rapids Walkway

Where:  S 12th St

It's considered to be Richmond's best-kept secret. You can get the best view of the rapids from here and it's just a short walk from the parking lot. Granted, you do have to walk down a ladder onto the metal runway, but it's worth it! 

Quirk Hotel

Where: 201 W Broad St

You bring her here for the pink and white marble aesthetic. But you two stay here for the tasty cocktails served up on the rooftop bar or for the delicious brunch served downstairs. Pink mugs and pink couches? Her rapid heartbeat says yes.

Shockoe Slip

Where: Downtown Richmond

Maybe you've been out to a bar or maybe you're meeting up after work, but Shockoe Slip is the district you go to unwind. Hold her hand as you two walk on the cobblestone streets and cute alleyways and enjoy each other company. The area is underrated and gives you that peace and quiet you need sometimes.

Canal Walk

Where: Downtown Richmond

The canal walk isn't new, but you pull this date out when you realize she's been asking for a cute couple photoshoot. This will be purely for the 'gram, but you can also admire the artwork while taking photos.

Scott's Addition Pumpkin Festival

Where: The Boulevard

Tired of pumpkin yet? The only right answer to that is "No." There's more to pumpkins than PSL and pumpkin pie! You can eat pumpkin cupcakes, cookies, sliders, donuts, rolls, and even pumpkin empanadas. Try it all or grab a beer ... a pumpkin one.


Escape Room RVA

Where: 7025 Three Chopt Rd

A group date is sometimes necessary. Especially if you're trying to break out of a locked room! Bring your trustworthy friends. The ones you can rely on to solve puzzles and not panic under pressure! If you can handle it, Vanity sounds like the creepiest room to escape from. 



Where: 1903 W Cary St

Help yourself to these decadent and elaborate cakes and pies! Come here on an empty stomach or after you two have taken a long walk to digest dinner. You'll need your appetite to finish these bad boys. It's probably best to share, but who are we kidding? You're each going to want to order your own so you can try different flavors!

Green Hand Farm Park 

Where: 5000 Nursery Ln, Gloucester

The Fall Holy Trinity: Pumpkin patches, apple picking, and corn mazes. An hour drive to Gloucester will get you to an eight-acre corn maze. Bring your A-game and your best attitude because there's no way you two aren't getting lost. When you've finally made it out, you can celebrate by getting on the hayride as a way to rest while getting a tour of the farm!


Laser Quest

Where: 889 Research Rd

Instead of a rematch for mini golf, challenge each other to a game of laser tag. Use the bitterness you feel and channel it into this game. The only goal? To win.


Uptown Alley

Where: 6101 Brad McNeer Pkwy

Forget the swanky bars for a weekend and just have some cheesy fun here. Make it an intimate date for the two of you or invite all your friends along to play bowling and arcade games while buzzed. It's not always about the fancy date spots, it's about switching things up and keeping her on her toes!

Peak Experiences

Where: 1375 Overbrook Rd

The couple that boulders together, stays together. This might be a one-time thing, but you will have bonded over climbing those colorful rocks. Help each other out or again, engage in some friendly competition. It's up to you guys! And after you two can't feel your arms, eat a big dinner and an even bigger dessert.


Pocahontas State Park

Where: 10301 State Park Rd, Chesterfield

This state park is only a 30-minute drive for endless trails. Feel the leaves under your shoes and hear them crunch as you walk through the wooded area. It might even be possible to create a leaf pile for you two to jump into. Is this a photoshoot idea? Yup, it sure is!

Edgar Allan Poe Museum

Where: 1914 E Main St

If you see any black cats or ravens on your way there, beware. Get the chills while going through the museum and learning about his life and work. This can be your one spooky and macabre activity for the Halloween season!

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