Are you obsessed with matcha? Matcha flavoured everything is super popular lately. Not only does it taste delicious, but it also has tons of health benefits too. If you love matcha, you need to try this shop from Hawaii that is opening in Richmond this spring!

Matcha Cafe Maiko first opened in Hawaii but will be opening a new store in Richmond, British Columbia this May. Currently, Matcha Cafe Maiko has several shops in the United States and is rapidly expanding in Canada with stores in Richmond and Toronto.

At the new Matcha Cafe Maiko in Richmond, they specialize in offering drinks and desserts made with matcha. For example, some of the delicious matcha items on the menu include lattes, shaved ice bowls, parfaits, ice cream, floats, frappes, along with cold or hot cups of tea.

One item you need to try at Matcha Cafe Maiko is their gold foil covered matcha ice cream! The very Instagrammable dessert has bright green matcha ice cream topped with edible gold foil, and it looks incredible!

For those of you who have tried matcha in the past and found it too bitter, it was most likely because it was low-quality tea. Premium matcha not only has a more vibrant shade of green but tastes less bitter too. At Matcha Cafe Maiko they only offer premium matcha which comes straight from Uji, Japan, an area renowned for their tea.

The new Matcha Cafe Maiko will be opening at 8279 Saba Road Unit 199 in Richmond, British Columbia. For more information about the new store, or to browse the menu make sure to check out Matcha Cafe Maiko's website.