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You Can Chase 3 Waterfalls In Colorado That Flow In Front Of Mystical Caves

Visit these triple waterfalls for a magical adventure.
Rifle Falls State Park In Colorado Is Home To 3 Stunning Waterfalls

It's time to get out and explore the beautiful parts of nature all around the state. Rifle Falls State Park in Colorado is home to three stunning waterfalls that cascade over mystical caves set into the rocks. You can wander through lush greenery and revel in this exquisite natural wonder.

Only a short drive from Rifle, Colorado, this majestic park is full of crystal cascades and magical forests.

Rifle Falls State Park boasts three 80-foot waterfalls that look more like a tropical lagoon than an alpine nook.

Beyond the streaming waters, you can find concealed caves rife for exploring.

You can stroll along some of the surrounding paths, including Coyote Trail, which leads to the system of tunnels formed out of nearby sandstone.

This path is 1.5 miles in total and creates a loop past the falls and to the caves then back again.

The tunnels range from short to slightly longer caverns, which require flashlights, and it's essential to tread carefully.

You can explore the two other trails nearby, or wander around the stunning triple cascades that transport you from the Rockies to an island paradise.

It costs $9 per vehicle to enter the park or $4 per person. There's a campsite nearby, and it only costs $28 a night for a basic setup from May 15 to September 14.

It's rare to glimpse three waterfalls side by side, and this dreamy forest alcove doesn't disappoint in its allure.

All around the water is leafy vegetation that looks like something out of FernGully. The scene creates the perfect setting for an out-of-the-ordinary adventure.

If you're craving a little taste of the tropics but don't fancy the flight costs, this easy hike is an ideal substitute.

The bonus of the concealed cave system creates a magical backdrop made for thrill-seekers.

We love discovering whimsical waterfalls, but exploring hidden caverns is a hobby we just can't get enough of.

Grab your favorite hiking buddy and head to this park for an alpine paradise adventure.

Rifle Falls State Park

Price: $9 per vehicle

Address: 5775 SH-325, Rifle, CO

Why You Need To Go: You can glimpse these triple waterfalls cascading past concealed caves set amongst a lush forest backdrop.


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