Rihanna Followed Jagmeet Singh On Instagram & Canadians Have Never Loved Her So Much

"I love that Rihanna is aware of Canadian politics."
Rihanna Followed Jagmeet Singh On Instagram & Canadians Have Never Loved Her So Much

Of the many celebrities in mainstream media today, it's quite possible that there is no one as unproblematic as Rihanna. Not only has she created a shade-inclusive makeup line, size-inclusive lingerie and high fashion lines, and released some of the greatest bops our generation has ever heard (although we're still waiting on that new album), but she's also seriously informed about Canadian politics. Rihanna followed Jagmeet Singh's Instagram and Canadians can't stop talking about it.

Yesterday, October 3, one of Rihanna's 75.8 million IG followers just so happened to notice that the singer and businesswoman followed the Canadian NDP Party leader, Jagmeet Singh on the social media platform. Obviously Singh is something of a celebrity himself, with his growing status in the political world, but it's still a pretty big deal to know that someone as booked and busy as Rihanna knows about your existence.

Since word came out about Rihanna adding Singh to the 1,406 people she currently follows on the 'gram, Canadians have been talking about it non-stop, as if they personally had been graced with Rihanna's acknowledgement. "I love that Rihanna is aware of Canadian politics and is 'endorsing' MY prime minister Jagmeet Singh," one Twitter user said.

Another user chimed in, saying, "I'm embarrassed how much the Rihanna follow improved my opinion of Jagmeet Singh." "That's it, the election is over. We stan Rihanna's follow decisions," added another.

It's important to note that Singh isn't the only Canadian politician that Rihanna follows — she also followed current Prime Minister and Liberal party leader Justin Trudeau a few years back, and has been pretty public about expressing her love for him

CTV News reached out to the NDP party for comment on the follow, and spokesperson Melanie Richer said that Singh felt "it was great to be followed by her", and that he "loves her latest album 'Anti'".

With the Canadian Federal election right around the corner, everyone has been watching the candidates closely in hopes of making a final decision on which party will best represent their needs.

Election day is on October 21, 2019, so make sure to mark your calendars and get out and cast your ballot! If you need more information on polling, be sure to check out Narcity's official guide on how to vote in the upcoming election.

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