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Jagmeet Singh Isn't The Only Canadian Leader Rihanna Is Following On Social Media

RiRi seems to have a genuine interest in Canadian politics.
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Jagmeet Singh Isn't The Only Canadian Leader Rihanna Is Following On Social Media

Earlier this month, NDP leader Jagmeet Singh made waves on the internet when he revealed that he had been followed on Instagram by Rihanna, and had subsequently DM’ed with the superstar. While this was undoubtedly a huge campaign boost for Singh, it turns out he’s not the only one that the pop princess keeps up-to-date with online. While Rihanna follows Jagmeet Singh on Instagram, there is one other Canadian leader she follows, too.

Earlier this month, New Democratic Party leader Jagmeet Singh revealed that he had gained some pretty significant Instagram followers during the 2019 federal election campaign, but one stood out in particular. Speaking on Canadian talk show, The Social, Singh confirmed that Rihanna had followed his Instagram account, describing the realization as “an awesome moment.”

The NDP leader went on to reveal that he had actually DM’d with the pop-icon herself, explaining that he had messaged Rihanna to thank her for her support, and let her know that he was “honoured by the follow.”

While Jagmeet Singh’s Rihanna-interaction is nothing short of impressive, he’s actually not the only major party leader to have rubbed shoulders on social media with the "Umbrella" singer ... 

As it turns out, Rihanna has also been following Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Instagram! While there’s never been any reports of DM’s existing between the pair on photo-sharing app, Rihanna has actually reached out to Trudeau on Twitter in the past.

Rihanna first reached out to Justin Trudeau on Twitter back in 2016, tweeting a picture of herself pretending to call the Prime Minister. The Hollywood superstar wrote, “Call up @JustinTrudeau to make a change! Follow the link to earn points for #GCFestival.” 

The tweet referred to the Global Citizen Festival, which was calling on Canadians to contact the country’s leaders to discuss how Canada should manage its “foreign aid problem,” noting that the government should increase their budget for health and education.

On that first occasion, Justin Trudeau didn’t reply to Rihanna publicly, basically leaving her on “read!” However, fortunately, a second opportunity for a reply came just a year later, when Rihanna tweeted him once again.

In June 2017, RiRi took to Twitter to reach out to Trudeau for a second time. In a series of tweets, the singer asked world leaders to support the Global Partnership for Education, and increase their funding for the cause.

Tagging the Prime Minister, Rihanna wrote, “@JustinTrudeau I know you had our backs during the #GlobalCitizen Festival, will you recommit Canada to #FundEducation?”

This time, Trudeau actually responded, writing, “@rihanna we've got your back! Thanks to @mclaudebibeau who made sure girls' education is in our feminist international development policy.”

As the 2019 federal campaign draws to an end, several celebrities and big-names have come out to publicly share their support for particular candidates on social media.

Ryan Reynolds tweeted his, somewhat vague, support for Justin Trudeau earlier this week, as he implored Canadians to get out and vote. Barack Obama shared a similar message on his Twitter page.

Pamela Anderson has also been campaigning for the Green Party, canvassing with the candidates in her neighbouring regions.

While Rihanna won’t actually be able to vote in the upcoming Canadian federal election, it looks like she’ll probably be watching very closely indeed!

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