Singer, designer, business woman, rapper? The A-list superstar just added one more job title to her repertoire. Rihanna has been teasing her new collaboration with Pharell's group N.E.R.D. where she would be featured as a rap artist instead of an R&B or pop singer. If you're feeling skeptical - don't. This is Rihanna and she can do anything. 

via @thefader

Rihanna's Instagram tells us she's been working on this track for over 2 years now. Today, the world is blessed with RiRi's rapping debut and seriously, she does not disappoint. The new track Lemon is N.E.R.D's first song since 2014 and obviously, the first song Rihanna has ever rapped on. via @oldgarageinc

Take a look and a listen for yourself. Truly, it is incredible and so is Rihanna. All hail our Qween.