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Riverdale's Camila Mendes Gets Real About Her Body Image Insecurities After Co-Star Lili Reinhart Was Targeted For Unflattering Photos

The women of Riverdale are getting very candid on Instagram. It didn't take long after Lili Reinhart posted about her body and bloating, that Camila Mendes, who plays the incredibly fierce Veronica Lodge on the show, shared her own experiences. 

The star took to her Instagram story stating that just like anyone else she has experienced bloating and weight fluctuations and more importantly that this isn't something women should be criticized for. 

Via Camila Mendes

Via Camila Mendes

Camila writes that she used to fear being publicily criticized about her body, which just goes to show how common it is for celebrities to be judged on ridiculous things like weight. 

Since sharing their experiences both of the women are being praised by fans, thanking them for being so honest, saying that their messages of body positivity are super inspiring and also showing support by telling people on the internet to stop being so obsessed with what people's bodies look like. 

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These women keeping it real should be a lesson to all the internet that every body is a beautiful body.