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"Riverdale" Star KJ Apa Announced He's Back In Canada With This Hilarious Photo

You've heard about bad Canadian passport pictures but have you heard of bad Canadian customs photos? Riverdale season 4 is currently in production which means the home base for the cast is Vancouver. Seeing the cast fly back and forth between filming dates isn't uncommon especially if they have conventions to attend or family to see. KJ Apa is one of those cast members and this time, to announce that he was back in Canada, he posted a hilarious photo on his Instagram story. 

If you've ever travelled internationally you're probably familiar with the customs photo they take of you in the airport now. The Canadians custom system is just like that, but it looks like Apa wasn't exactly ready for his photo. By looking at the photo he either missed the countdown to the picture completely, was in the middle of a sneeze, or the grainy capture is a combination of the two. He looks completely unamused with one eye half-closed with the small Canadian flag hanging above what literally could be a mug shot. He didn't even caption the photo leaving us completely without context. 

He also seemed to have an extremely eventful flight filled with interesting shadow puppet stories. It isn't clear whether or not he was by himself or had help with his shadow puppets, but it's hilarious nonetheless. 

Even though his flight may have been long and full of struggles for entertainment, I'm pretty sure Apa didn't mind touching back down in Canada. He's talked about how much fun he has filming in Vancouver multiple times. He is filming season 4 with his best friends after all! 

In an interview with ET, he even admitted that he'd rather be shooting in Vancouver than L.A. because it reminds him of New Zealand. He even jokingly made fun of our accents saying, "I love it eh, It's a good one eh!" Not to mention he's gotten close to some of Canada's biggest celebs like Shania Twain on the set of the movie they filmed together. 

Fingers crossed for more hilarious Canadian content from Apa!