Canadian Actress Vanessa Morgan From ‘Riverdale’ Just Announced Her Engagement

Probably the cutest thing you'll see all week.
Canadian Actress Vanessa Morgan From ‘Riverdale’ Just Announced Her Engagement

There's genuinely no better feeling than seeing the people you love thriving in happy, healthy relationships. As we get older and our friends start getting engaged and married, it becomes such an exciting time, even for your favourite celebrities! Riverdale's Vanessa Morgan is engaged and her co-stars are so excited.

The actress took to Instagram yesterday, July 3rd to share the news with friends and fans. She posted a photo in front of Arizona's absolutely stunning Mooney Falls, showing her future husband down on one knee, asking her to marry him.

She captioned the photo, "My Forever 😭💍♥️", and plenty of her Riverdale castmates have left the most heartwarming comments already:

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Clearly, the Riverdale cast is just as close off-screen as they are on, if not closer. 

Vanessa's husband-to-be is none other than Michael Kopech, pitcher for the Chicago White Sox. The couple has been together publically since July 2018, when Vanessa posted an Instagram story of them on a picnic date.

Michael was clever enough to have someone capture the romantic proposal on video, which he posted to Instagram with a caption that's sure to make your heart swoon.

"So I’ll start with the obvious: I love you. I love you intensely, passionately, & also at times, recklessly. I make decisions on the spur of the moment (i mean look at how our relationship has gone up to this point). I’m a very non traditional type of person and I know I’ve found my match in you when it comes to that especially. Our relationship probably doesn’t make sense to many people for a sh*t ton of reasons, but we’re not doing it for them. We know this is forever. Why would we wait? lol. You literally stayed by my side when I felt I had lost my mind. You stayed by my side for these seemingly random changes of my life. You stayed when often times I didn’t deserve it. You’ve loved me for ME from day one. Completely unselfishly. You’re undeniably the spark that reignited my fire. You’re deserving of much more than just this moment but this one just felt particularly magical. I’m incredibly humbled by the love that you give and I only hope I can portray a fraction of the love and light that you carry with you. I’ll never have enough words to tell you how much I love you, but I promise to always show you. But for now, I’ll finish this how I started: I love you. SO MUCH. @vanessamorgan"

There's clearly a lot of love between the couple, and we can't wait to hear all about the wedding plans that are sure to be coming over the next couple of months!