If you are looking for a special flavored drink for your Game of Thrones marathon, you need to make a trip to a very specific candy shop in Florida. Rocket Fizz is the one-stop shop for all your soda and candy cravings.

This candy shop has thousands of bottled soda pops and candies from all over America, including some from other 'galaxies.' This is the place where you will find unique soda pops with eclectic flavors such as buttered soda, barf soda, bacon soda, and even birthday cake flavored soda. Even though these flavors sound outrageous, many people love them.

Once you step inside a Rocket Fizz candy shop you will encounter a wall full of yesteryear comics, gag gifts, movie posters, concert posters, and tin signs. It will bring a nostalgic feeling when you are scouting for your favorite candy bar and going through the hundreds of candy boxes. 

You will find many regional and national name brand sodas that will relieve your childhood. Rocket Fizz has many locations around the country such as Asheville, Raleigh, California, and Florida. 

According to In the Know, you can find crazy sodas such as Fidel Castro’s Havana Banana soda, The Three Stooges’ Wise Guy root beer, Wink Martindale’s Orange-Passion Fruit-Guava Soda and more. The store offers a reward for customers where you can buy eight sodas and the ninth one is free. You can also get a discount if you buy a six-pack.

Rocket Fizz is located at 1529 Town Center Drive Lakeland, FL 33803.