It's hard to compete with a state like Missouri when it's home to so much history, scenery, and spots to that leave you with memories to last a lifetime. One of those spots includes all of the incredible aspects of nature, and it's apart of the National Scenic Riverways. Rocky Falls in Winona, Missouri will provide you with a day like none you've had before.

It's called Rocky Falls for a reason, and that's because of the massive streams of water that spill over incredible surface area, some of which have evidence of being over one billion years old.

Rhyolite porphyry is the name of the incredibly old rock, and its reddish-brown color gives it away.

No matter where your journey at Rocky Falls takes you, you'll wind up somewhere with enough space to enjoy the water.

Whether you're sitting directly under a stream or just taking it all in, you'll be left amazed.

Plus, there's a walking trail, picnic tables, and fire grills to enjoy as well.

Now that it's finally starting to heat up in Missouri, getting outdoors in a bathing suit and some sunscreen is more ideal than ever.

Rocky Falls is open year-round, though, so don't worry if you miss out this season. There's always next!

While visiting the nearest water park to you might be the first thing that comes to mind when you're trying to figure out your summer plans, getting soaked from a natural river waterfall is just as fun.

Plus, with how incredible Rocky Falls is, you'll definitely leave with some awesome photos.

Rocky Falls

Price: 💸

Address: Winona, MO

Why You Need To Go: You'll be able to spread out and tan by some stunning waterfalls.

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