Roll Up The Rim Cups Are Cancelled This Year & We Can't Handle It

"Grab your hockey sticks and get ready to fight for your lives."
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Roll Up The Rim Cups Were Cancelled & The Internet Had A Huge Canadian Meltdown

Tim Hortons’ latest attempt to combat COVID-19 fears hasn’t gone down too well with Roll Up The Rim fans. As the company announced that Roll Up The Rim cups were cancelled this year, Canadians have taken to social media to respond to the heartbreaking news. Naturally, the meltdown has been dramatic and hilarious AF.

In a statement last week, Tim Hortons announced to Canada that the paper cup aspect of Roll Up The Rim would be cancelled this year, due to health concerns amid the novel coronavirus outbreak.

The company explained that there were health issues related to staff handling cups that had recently been touched and sipped by customers. Instead, the app is the only way to participate in the competition, which runs from March 11 to April 7.

While the coffee-and-donut store confirmed it will redistribute all $30 million worth of prizes to in-store giveaways and the digital contest, Canadians are apparently not prepared to let go of the physical "roll".

After banning reusable cups in their restaurants earlier this month, it seems this latest announcement has been a step too far for Timmies lovers in Canada.

In the days that followed the announcement, the internet has been awash with hilariously horrified competitors, who appear to be having a full-on Canadian meltdown at the thought of losing Roll Up The Rim cups.

Oh, Canada.

If you’ve ever wondered how much Tim Hortons is deeply ingrained into Canadian culture, this will give you some idea.

Responding to the news, one devastated Canadian tweeted, “Me Yesterday: A virus that kills 2% can't end civilization."

They added, "Me Today Learning They Cancelled Tim Hortons Roll Up The Rim: IT'S THE F*CKING APOCALYPSE, GRAB YOUR HOCKEY STICKS AND GET READY TO FIGHT FOR YOU LIVES!!!"

Another joked, “Canada has cancelled roll up the rim. [It's] officially a pandemic."

A third took a break from a total emotional meltdown to tweet, “Tim Hortons has cancelled roll up the rim because of coronavirus and DEAR GOD THIS TRULY IS THE END OF DAYS PEOPLE."

Putting the announcement into sensible Canadian perspective, another Roll Up The Rim lover tweeted, “Half the flights for my upcoming trip have been cancelled, yet somehow I'm more upset about this news.”

Another simply added, “I’m fully expecting riots.”

One Twitter user shared a similar joke, writing, “Canadians are about to literally riot in the streets and set everything on fire. This is the one holiday they truly care about.”

Now that Tim Hortons has been affected, it seems some Canadians are officially starting to low-key panic about the virus in Canada.

One person commented, “Alright everyone I think it’s time we officially cancel the coronavirus. She’s just too problematic and now she’s threatening Canadians with no free coffee so get it trending. #coronavirusisoverparty”

Ultimately, it totally makes sense why Tim Hortons have cancelled the Roll Up The Rim cups this year.

For the time being, I guess we’ll just have to get over it.

Stay strong, Canada. You’ll get through it.

Helena Hanson
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Helena Hanson is a Senior Editor for Narcity Canada's Trending Desk focused on major news. She previously lived in Ottawa, but is now based in the U.K.
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