When it comes to romance, talk of it can happen around Valentine's Day more often than any other time. However, in some places across the country with unique names, love is in the air all year long. These romantic places in Canada all have love-themed names that range from wholesome to risque.

If you think of romantic spots from around the country, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Whistler or Jasper and other places you can cozy up with a lover might come to mind.

Nunavut, Ontario and Manitoba are also three places where romance is top of mind at least when it comes to how often people Google matters of the heart.

Specifically, in the lead up to Cupid's big day every year, terms like "love confession" and "flowers" are increasingly searched for online.

However, there are lots of other places in Canada that might not be on your radar for being spots for snuggling up but their names are pretty romantic.

They range from wholesome ones like Heart's Desire to cozy ones like Snug Cove and even more adult ones like Satisfaction Peak.

If you're really into all things romance, these are 28 places in Canada with love-themed names and even some risque ones too!

From The Heart

Heart Peaks is a mountain in B.C.'s Stikine Region. It was originally known as Heart Mountains but this name still does the trick. It's also a shield volcano!

On the other side of the country, Newfoundland comes in clutch with love-related names.

With Heart's Content, Heart's Delight and Heart's Desire all along the same highway, it seems to be all about love there.

Love Is All Around

It doesn't get any more romantic than a place literally called Love. This village in Saskatchewan has a sign that says "Welcome to Love" and it's so cute.

Lac Des Amours is northeast of Quebec City translates to Love Lake and that's really sweet. If you can get to the remote destination it might be a nice spot for a romantic boat ride.

Paradise City... Literally

Both Newfoundland and Nova Scotia have places named Paradise though there's no guarantee that it's actually heavenly there.

Canada is also home to Paradise Valley, Alberta and two places called Paradise Lake in Ontario.

Cupid's Hometown? 

Is it really romantic if there's no mention of Cupid?

In Newfoundland, there is a town called Cupids which is also home to Cupids Crossing.

Ontario also has Cupid Island on Georgian Bay's east coast.

Pure Bliss

There are so many places in Canada with blissful, wholesome names like three spots named Honeymoon Lake in B.C., Alberta and Ontario.

There's also Cuddle Lake in Manitoba and Tender Mountain in B.C. which are both adorable.

If you love to get cozy, you'll love Snug Haven in Ontario and four places called Snug Cove in B.C., Alberta, Ontario and New Brunswick.

Also, Blissville in Newbrunswick and Bliss in Lake Ontario are literally all about bliss.

Places That Are A Little Sexy

No list about romantic names would be complete without some that are risque and a little sexy.

There's Satisfaction Peak in B.C., and, of course, Dildo in Newfoundland.

Also, Conception Bay South in Newfoundland is actually right next door to Paradise so make of that what you will.

Happy Valentine's Day!