Earlier this morning we covered a story involving Ronnie and his baby's mother, Jen Harley. If you don't know what happened, make sure to read that first. This all started on Sunday when Ronnie and his GF got into a vicious fight on Instagram. They both exchanged savage posts calling each other out and it got really nasty.

Ronnie and Jen just had a baby together earlier this month, Ariana. Ronnie is also on the reunion season of Jersey Shore, where he openly discusses becoming a dad and his nerves about being in a committed relationship with his baby's mother.

Now, matters have gotten much worse.

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Ronnie appeared to stream a video of himself and his girlfriend, Jen on Instagram live. The video shows Ron in his home with a woman, who we are assuming is Jen.

The video starts with Ronnie saying, "How ****ing dare you." You can hear a woman in the background repeating, "Ron". A woman appears at the bottom of a staircase and then Ronnie says, "Now I'm going to delete that photo."

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He grabs his phone as he descends down the staircase and the video becomes shaky. It looks as though Ronnie and the woman get into a physical altercation. You can hear the woman say "Don't touch me, Ron!"

Ronnie also says, "Get off of me" and then something about lying. The audio is hard to understand during the confrontation.

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After Ronnie gets ahold of his phone and pans back to himself, it's obvious that they have been in a physical confrontation of some kind. His face is red and he looks visibly upset. To watch the video, click here.

Source: TMZ