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Roots' Boxing Week Sale Just Started & The Deals Are Honestly Incredible

You'll get an extra 40% off everything that's already on sale! 😍
Roots' Boxing Week Sale Just Started & The Deals Are Honestly Incredible

Roots has joined the chat! The Canadian retailer started its Boxing Day sale early this year and you can get some seriously deep discounts. 

Best of all? As part of the Roots Boxing Day sale, you'll get an extra 40% off everything that's already on sale. The additional discount will be applied at checkout on the Roots website.

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The sale started on December 23 and will continue until December 30.

Here are a few of the best deals you can get.

Cabin Turtleneck Sweater

Price: $50.99 ($98.00)

Details: The Cabin Turtleneck Sweater is actually new to the Roots Cabin Collection and is made with soft cotton.

Roots Packable Jacket

Price: $89.99 ($188.00)

Details: This easy-to-layer jacket is great for the on-the-go and is also ethically sourced.

Snowy Fox Mock Neck Sweater

Price: $44.99 ($98.00)

Details: This shirt is made of yarn and a cotton blend making for the perfect stitch wear for staying cozy indoors.

Cabin Shawl Open Cardigan

Price: $44.99 ($88.00)

Details: What's better than a cardigan? Get in on the cabin collection fever and make this show stopper part of your wardrobe.

Roots Packable Down Anorak

Price: $89.99 ($188.00)

Details: Puffer jackets are in, and Roots delivers quality ones. Add this one to your jacket stash or start one with this packable jacket.

Park Sherpa Overshirt

Price: $71.39 ($148.00)

Details: This Canadian style overshirt is a great staple collection for your closet and can be worn over or under practically anything. Stay warm and stylish with this bright red cotton flannel.

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