Could this be the next big virtual shopping trend? Roots online shopping advisors are a new addition to the store, who will video chat with you and be your personal shopping guide. This new service comes after its locations in Canada were closed because of COVID-19.

With stores temporarily shut down across the country, retailers are trying to step up their online shopping game with deals and free shipping.

Roots is also changing it up with a new advisor team. Now, people can get access to personal styling and shopping help like you would in a real store.

The virtual service connects someone with a member of the team through a video chat or a phone call. The customer gets to choose which method they prefer in case you like Zoom way more than actually talking on the phone.

However, it's by appointment only so you can't just start shopping on their website and immediately get on a video chat with one of the advisors.

For 30 minutes you can talk with someone from Roots who can help you with what to look for on the site and basically be your personal shopping guide.

When booking an appointment, you can answer preliminary questions like what items you're interested in and what Roots items you already love so that they can better help you find stuff.

After you choose the date and time of your 30-minute appointment, that's when you answer those questions to help personalize your session.

You can also choose whether you want to connect through FaceTime, Microsoft Teams, Zoom or through a phone call.

Then at your appointment time, the Roots advisor will contact you so you don't have to do anything besides shop.

Other stores are also changing how they operate during this time of closures with many people switching up their online shopping experience. 

Nordstrom, who had personally stylists before Roots, isn't doing in-store styling anymore but you can still take advantage of the service and get expert fashion advice online.

Many others have gotten rid of shipping minimums. For example, Indigo had a free shipping deal being offered to Canadians until March 31 but it was extended to April 12 and there's no minimum purchase required.

Even at back at Roots, they switched to offering free shipping on every single order and also threw in a 20% off sale. 

Meanwhile, IKEA has also extended one of their major sales that was originally set to end last month. 

Keep your credit card handy, it's going to be a busy online shopping season!