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This BC Mountain Town Is Transforming Into A Massive Snowy Carnival This Winter

This is not your typical B.C. winter festival - it's even better.
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This BC Mountain Town Is Transforming Into A Massive Snowy Carnival This Winter

If you’re looking for a winter festival that involves more than just twinkling lights and hot chocolate, we've got just the thing. The annual Rossland Winter Carnival is coming back for its 121st year and no, that's not a typo.  This event has been running since 1898 and it's only getting better! Dress in your best winter getup and watch freestyle snowboarders and bobsledders do their thing to the sound of live music. 

The city of Rossland is a hidden gem in B.C. This otherwise sleepy winter town comes to life in the colder months. Of course, this historic carnival is what makes the town famous in B.C.

The Rossland Winter Carnival has been drawing tourists for over 120 years, and for good reason. During this event, the streets completely transform into a winter wonderland filled with every snowy activity imaginable. 

During the carnival, Rossland's streets double as a terrain park for skiers and snowboarders to show off their freestyle techniques. 

No festival would be complete without food and drinks, and this one has entire beer gardens. It may get chilly in Rossland during the winter months, but it's nothing that spiked hot chocolate or beer can’t cure. 

The carnival takes place over a four-day period, and you won't want to miss a moment. The people of Rossland know how to party and you're definitely invited.

This year's carnival takes place from January 23 to January 26, 2020, in the West Kootenay mountain town.

The star attraction is the bobsledding. Individual groups and businesses form the area make their own bobsleds and race them at intense speeds down a steep city block. 

These bobsleds are homemade and the materials are super creative. From bathtubs to broken down snowmobiles, these bobsleds are far from professional, but they are hilarious to watch. Safety always comes first, though, and there's an EMT on standby just in case.

When you’re done there, head a couple of blocks down and watch super talented skiers and snowboarders take on a handmade park filled with jumps. 

Across the way will be a massive beer garden filled with ice sculptures, warm cider, and beer. 

If you get hungry there will be tons of street vendors to choose from. You can even get in some shopping at the boutiques lining the town's main street. 

Every day is filled with different activities and entertainment, so be sure to check the schedule online before heading out. 

Rossland Winter Carnival

Price: Free

When: Thursday, January 23 - Sunday, January 26, 2020

Address: Rossland, B.C. 

Why You Need To Go: It's the perfect excuse to have some real winter fun in a beautiful B.C. mountain town.

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