You Can Get A Rare Glimpse At Pink And Yellow Moths At This Ontario Arboretum

We're suddenly craving a strawberry-banana milkshake.
Rosy Maple Moths Can Actually Be Found At This Ontario University

We’re all aflutter thinking about these fuzzy cuties. If you’ve heard about the rare rosy maple moth and you're wondering where you can spot it in Ontario, then this one’s for you. The University of Guelph’s Arboretum is home to hundreds of unusual insects including the pink and yellow bug that’s been storming the internet lately.

The rosy maple moth has captured imaginations recently after several sightings were reported in and around Ontario.

Many are comparing it to a strawberry banana milkshake thanks to its bright colours.

And it turns out it's just one of over 800 types of moth living within the U of G arboretum. 

You can find a full list of species on the arboretum website.

At the time of writing, the arboretum is currently open for walk-through only. The buildings, parking facilities, and onsite golf course are not accessible until further notice.

When the facilities do re-open, though, you might want to consider signing up for one of the moth workshops offered so you can find out even more about this pink lemonade-looking wonder bug.    

Rosy maple moths evolve from the green striped maple worm which can often be found munching on, you guessed it, maple tree leaves.

How Canadian of them.

Southern parts of Canada are at the very edge of the moth's general range, so opportunities to see them north of the border don't necessarily come too often.

So, now you know where to find them if they're eluding you in the wild.

Even if this rare and adorable moth wasn't a resident, Guelph's arboretum would be worth a visit.

With stunning green spaces, flowers that are every colour of the rainbow, and wildlife of all kinds, there’s always something to see here that will have you in complete awe. 

But the chance to see this amazing creature is worth the visit alone.

Narcity reached out to the arboretum for more information about when and where to see these incredible moths.

Be sure to keep your eyes peeled at home, as well. If social media is anything to go by right now, you just never know when a strawberry banana milkshake might land on your deck.

Hopefully, a rosy maple will flutter by you soon. If it doesn't, you know where else to find them!

University of Guelph Arboretum

Price: Free

Address: 200 Arboretum Rd., Guelph, ON

Why You Need To Go: You can explore the gorgeous grounds and maybe even spot a rare rosy maple moth while you're at it.

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