Canada Just Released New Christmas Coins That Feature Adorable Gingerbread Men

No two are alike!
Royal Canadian Mint's Christmas Coin Features Adorable Little Gingerbread Men

Even though Halloween only recently passed and November is still pretty fresh, there's no reason that we can't all start thinking about Christmas, right? Well, for those who want to get into the spirit of the holidays a little bit earlier this year, the Royal Canadian Mint's Christmas coins for 2020 are here, and they are honestly too cute.

The new coins, designed by artist Pandora Young and made from 99.99% pure silver, feature a collection of Christmas cookies (which everyone loves to see). Sitting right on top of those cookies is a little, decorative glass gingerbread man. 

These adorable, smiling gingerbread men are made of Murano glass, and give the coin a whole new dimension. Each little gingerbread man is hand-crafted using a process that dates back hundreds of years.

Since each gingerbread man is hand-crafted rather than being made by machines, they are all different and unique in their own ways (just like snowflakes). That also means that every single Christmas coin is also different in its own way.

The coin, as described on the Royal Canadian Mint's website, is meant to look like a platter of cookies that might get left out for Santa, and the engraving on the silver helps to sell that appearance as well!

The Royal Canadian Mint has produced a number of memorable and unique coins in 2019. One of their most popular designs was a coin with the vintage Toronto Raptors logo.

[rebelmouse-image 25955724 photo_credit="Royal Canadian Mint | Screenshot" expand=1 original_size="880x1160"]

The Mint also created a pretty awesome Transformers coin (that actually transforms!), and a truly incredible dinosaur coin for all the prehistoric fans out there.

Only 5,500 of the special gingerbread man Christmas coins will be produced. If you're an avid coin collector (or you just love the sight of Christmas cookies), you can order one through the Royal Canadian Mint's website for $139.95. 

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